Title: The Lion King

Rated: NC-17 some parts may be rated under that but the story over all is rated for mature readers.

Author: Nursie

Disclaimer: I don't own Voltron... WEP entertainment does...Only original characters and storyline are mine. That means Mena who appears in Part 4 or 5 is mine... Zejan has permission to use her, and if you ask nicely... you can too... just ask!

Characters: Keith, Lance, Princess Allura and the rest of the cast from the series.

Spoilers: Based on the Anime series Voltron from the early to mid eighties, also rerun on Cartoon Network in the late nineties. Any episodes and all episodes from the Lion Voltron series may be mentioned in storyline, so having watched any or all would definitely be helpful but not necessary.

"The Lion King"

 A Volton: Defender of the Universe Fan Fic



Interlude 1:

“What Lies Beneath”


Anne Marie turned to her mirror as the door shut behind the two space explorers. Her eyes went from the blue-green to a dark fiery crimson in color. Her hair that was once a brilliant gold moments ago, turned to the whitest of white. Her fingernails curved over her fingertips and her smile revealed two front fangs for teeth. Her skin took on a blue hue, not completely still remaining a slight peach to give her the resemblance of being human once. A faint glow occupied around her body and her head jerked back violently with her even longer white hair dancing about her. Her voice got ever higher in pitch and her lips escaped into an apparent snarl.


“Sorceress…” She whispered. “I bring you news…”


A shrill of a voice echoed through her mind. Telepathically she linked with her collaborator. “You were right, your gift to me was adequate… although the other one was quite the annoyance.”


A cackle came from beyond. “My dear ‘Annie’


“Ahh… do not call me that old witch. I have warned you.” She fumed.


“So sorry my dear… Myraana…” The witch’s words were apologetic… to an extent. “Did you take to the leader?”


“No… it was not easy… there was no privacy. I had to drug them both in hopes the leader would awake first…”


The witch laughed knowingly. “At least this time, it is not my fault my master’s plans have failed.”


“Hush you hag. This is not over yet. I have taken the face of the one he cherishes… he will be mine… and then, I may help you with your quest to control Arus. Once Commander Keith is mine, then and only then will I show my full power and call forth the great Wyrm.” Myraana wrung her hands… Her captain had been more than adequate. Only one noble in deeds, loyal to a fault and true to his heart could break her curse. In fact it had been hard for her to seem disinterested. This Lance fellow was no fool when it came to women though… She would have to take care of him to get to her betrothed. “Then and only then, will Lotor have his ‘princess’.” She said trying to be arrogant.


“The sooner the better… Lotor has waited a long time and has been patient. These petty attacks I have been sending to Arus are growing boring. My master craves the innocence of his loved one.”


“And I crave the essence of mine.” Myraana cried in return. “IF I do not have him, I will not be able to keep my human form… I am a halfling… a dragoiniod.." She spat in her own disgust. "I am sure my eyes alone would frighten him.”


“You are getting soft in your old age Milady…” The witch Haggar noted.


“No, not soft…” She opened her red eyes. “I am just concerned for his comfort. He will never truly love me. I know that… I can accept that. Since when do dragons ever show love anyhow. I have watched from afar for some time now. A few more weeks will not quell our impending victory. Then, I will take him back to New Vovin. My subjects will await us. Hmmm… he truly does have the essence of a king and the heart of a lion. Too bad he does not realize it now. But also good thing for us that he deems himself unworthy.” Myraana’s smile was almost happy. “It was good of you to do your homework and find that the name Anne Marie held a valid sediment to him.”


“It wasn’t hard. That was the name of the first girl he ever lie with.” Haggar sneered.


“Ahh yes… humans are so fickle when it comes to love making. They are such fun to watch with their inabilities to mate properly.” Myraana clinched her fists. Her signal was fading. “I must rest now witch… it took most of my magic to keep the human form through the night. The longer I am on Arus, the more my powers will adjust to the planet and I will soon be able to hold my form. A few more weeks… just a few more weeks…” An image of Keith presented itself inside her mind as she cut her tie to Haggar. Myraana walked to the bed, rest… it was time for rest.


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