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Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Harry Potter Story Room. Here you will find the fic I am working on based on the Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling. I have also posted a concept art group pic that has most of the main characters in it. Just to give you an idea of who is who. For fellow HP fans, the two that are possibly the hardest to place are the witch sitting down and the one giving Hermione bunny ears. The witch sitting down is a character from my fic named Willow and the blonde giving bunny ears is Luna Lovegood from the novels. With that said, on with the fic!!!


Disclaimer: I do feel I must warn you… This is a more mature fic and should only be read by people that are of age and are not offended by adult material. With that said, I am giving this fic an overall rating of NC-17 for language, adult situations and sexual situations... if this offends you... please do not read this fic. I will not answer and hate mail that comes from that... although any other comments and reviews are welcome.. It will not show up in the first few parts but it will gradually get there. So consider yourselves warned please.

One more thing... I am American... I do not claim to know how people speak in Europe... my knowledge consists of movies and books really. I did look up a few things and I just want to let you all know that I did try to make an effort to at least be in the neighborhood of their accents. So please be kind... helpful suggestions are always welcome when it comes to that sort of thing. Enough said… let’s get on with it then!

Last thing, I promise but definitely necessary... I do not own Harry Potter... (Lordie what I would do with him if I did =P) Harry Potter is the trademark and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros... Only original characters and storyline ideas are mine. Nursie's don't get paid what they're worth... especially Nursie's that are currently not working for one reason or another. So puhleeze don't sue... this is all in "clean" naughty fun



Harry Potter and the Alternative Timeline

By: Nursie

Ship Category: Harry/ Hermione.

Rating: NC-17



Prelude: Familiar- *posted*

Part One: Back on the Hogwarts Express- *posted*

Part Two: Mysteries of the Mind- *posted*

Part Three: Hermione- *posted*

Part Four: Just Another Dream- *posted*

Part Five: The Power She Knows Not- *In progess*

Part Six: Aftermath- *under construction*

Part Seven: Ramafications- *under construction*

Part Eight: Lock Down- *under construction*

Part Nine: The Coincidental Hero *outlined*

Part Ten: Release- *outlined*

Part Eleven: Harry's Mistake *outlined*

Part Fourteen: The Lost Unforgivable *outlined*

Part Fifteen:


More to come...