Title: Harry Potter and the Alternative Timeline

Author: Nursie

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Part 4:Just another Dream-


The first few days of the new school year turned quickly into weeks and from there, Harry realized two months had passed.

He still had dreams… mostly ones he didn’t remember… The only things he was sure of in his dreams were the occupants in them. Two lone figures haunted him… Hermione and Professor Warren. He did at first try to figure out what was going on, however Professor Warren didn’t seem to be doing anything any different from other professors Harry had… except for going out of her way to award points to Gryffindor. And it was always usually Hermione that would collect them for the house. He did notice that she had taken somewhat of an interest in Hermione… It reminded Harry a lot of someone trying way too hard to get someone to like them. As time went by, these little oddities became everyday events and Harry figured it better to ignore it… or at least try to.

Hermione was still convinced that Ron and Harry were up to something and she reminded them daily that she didn’t want to have to bail them out of whatever mischief they found themselves in. All the while watching Harry closely and blushing whenever he caught her looking at him. Harry brushed this off just as fast as the dreams, after all what girl would want to look at him on purpose?

Ron on the other hand was in a world of his own since his first class with Professor Warren. She too seemed taken with him, and it would be a lie if it were said that Harry hadn’t become aware of that as well. He was beside himself. Not with jealousy… at least Harry didn’t think it was that. He knew how he felt about Hermione. There was just something that didn’t sit right with Harry. It was almost as if he needed to protect the new professor. Again, he tried not to dwell on these thoughts… He was beginning to wonder how Hermione did all her overanalyzing without getting a wizard migraine.

The month of October grew to a close with the Halloween feast. Harry was content with the way the year was going so far. He had no true worries as of yet, well except for his feelings for Hermione. Professor Warren’s summer visit had become but a memory, and Harry was glad that nothing had come of it so far. Harry started to relax and enjoy the company of his friends while thinking about the upcoming Quidditch season that would start within weeks.




The Halloween feast was booming, first through seventh years ate their fill of the pumpkin pasties and butter beer before them. Harry looked up at the staff table and found Professor Dumbledore in a whispered conversation with Professor Warren. Harry watched them closely wishing he could hear what they were saying. Ron seated next to him wore a dreamy expression and stared at Professor Warren with hopeful eyes. Hermione elbowed him in the ribs whispering a warning under her breath.

“She’s a professor…” She hissed.

“Mind your own business…” Ron hissed back in a singsong voice.

Harry heard them and forced his attention back to his friends. “Could you two shut up?” Harry mimicked Ron’s tone rolling his eyes.

They looked at Harry as they had since school started, with uneasiness and uncertainty. Harry just shook his head.



The night went on uneventful, Ron and Harry played wizard’s chess and Hermione sat in an overstuffed chair near the fire in the common room, reading Hogwarts: A History and stroking Crookshanks’ ears. The common room emptied slowly. Harry figured it was late when he and Ron made their way up the staircase towards the dorms.

Once again Harry found himself alone in his room after closing the large oak door. He breathed heavily and walked over to his bed. He sat down before removing his shoes and socks. He threw off his sweater and tie, unbuttoned his shirt then stood unzipping his pants. He stepped out of them kicking them away from his bed. Placing his glasses on the bedside table, he pulled back his covers and climbed underneath.

The sheets were nice and cold next to his bare skin and he wiggled around trying to get comfortable. His head hit the pillow as he snaked an arm under his head. He was asleep within seconds, his mind happily drifting into slumber, as he found his eyes locked with a pair of gold orbs he was all too familiar with.

What was that look in her eyes? He wondered. And why was he looking into her eyes… this was his dream wasn’t it? He had become accustomed to a bit more action in his dreams about Hermione.

He decided to go along with it. He knew no matter how his dream played out he’d be alone with her sooner or later. He told himself this was better… at least this way he’d get to see how they ended up in such compromising positions.

She was standing there… but she didn’t move, making Harry wonder why she wasn’t moving towards him as she did in every other dream he had. He was getting closer…

Standing just a few feet a way he could see Hermione wasn’t alone. Someone was positioned roughly on the ground at her feet. He blinked his eyes and focused for a closer look. The body lay there, hidden under a midnight blue cloak. He glanced from Hermione to the unknown body then back to Hermione.

He saw the look in her eye then. It wasn’t lust or sexual in the least to Harry‘s dismay… in fact it had nothing to do with what Harry was used to in his dreams.

Hermione’s eyes were full of terror and she didn’t seem to be staring at him at all but past him.

Harry rushed to get to her, and the lifeless person lying on the ground but something stopped him. It felt like a hand was on his shoulder keeping him from saving Hermione from the unseen force binding her.

Harry turned to see what was holding on to him. His forehead tingling slightly at first then growing more intense into a white-hot sharpness that made him want to double over and vomit. His head finally whipped around and he took a step backward to face what was there. A figure in a hood stood still and reminded Harry of a Dementor looming to kiss him. He raised his wand to cast the Patronus charm but the pain in his scar over came him and he fell to his knees backwards.

Harry looked up from the ground at the hooded figure whose eyes began to glow red inside the darkness hidden by the hood. Harry screamed out to Hermione and he could hear her tears.

“I finally have you were I want you.”

The figure spoke in a voice Harry knew all too well. He had heard it the first time his first year, and again his second year in the Chamber of Secrets. He had heard it cackle when Cedric died…

But that wasn’t the extent of it; Harry had heard this voice in his visions before…

~ Voldemort…~ Harry’s mind screamed as he realized what was happening too late. His nightmares were back.

“What do you want?” Harry shouted taking a quick look back at Hermione; she still didn‘t seem to realize he was there.

“What I’ve always wanted… Potter… for you to die.” The voice was raspy and cold.

“You haven’t been able to kill me yet. What makes you so sure you can do it now? You can’t touch me at Hogwarts. Even a murderer like you knows that.” Harry’s voice was defiant and brave. It took everything he had to muster the strength to find his voice.

“You allow me too much insight into your feelings Potter. Your father had a weakness for mud bloods as well.”

Harry’s heart began to beat rapidly and lodged itself into his throat. Voldemort knew about Hermione. But how… he had kept his feelings to himself and kept her at a distance for some time now.

“Leave her alone… your fight is with me… not her.”

“Ah yes… but you leave me no choice… I can not permit you to…”

Voldemort looked over at Hermione and she struggled against her invisible binds. The person at her feet stirred groaning in pain.

“Permit me to what? Be happy? You needn’t worry yourself… how could I ever be happy… you murdered my parents.” Harry was yelling so hard his throat hurt and he feared he’d be hoarse when he woke.’’

“My goal has always been to kill you… and now I have an opportunity to repay you for the last seventeen years.”

As if on que, the person at Hermione’s feet began to stand, and the cloak fell from her shoulders. She stood next to Hermione, a little girl with the same exact expression.



Harry looked at them both. Seeing the little girl, his brow furrowed. The little girl and Hermione… they were almost twins. Except for the eyes. Harry was staring at his own eyes.

“What ever your game is Voldemort. I’m not playing. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” He shouted and tried desperately to clear his thoughts. He was beginning to take this whole Occlumens quite serious right then. He growled in frustration when he heard his enemy speak.

“All I ask is that you choose… one of them.”

~ Choose? ~ Harry thought confused. ~ Who is that little girl… what is she doing here? ~

“Don’t be so quick to choose dear boy… you’d be surprised at what you would find if you look between the lines.”

I told you… I’m not playing…”

Tsk tsk… You really should look a bit more closely…”

“HARRY…” Hermione cried finally acknowledging his presence in the dream. Or so he thought. Her voice seemed searching as if desperate for someone she lost.

“Yes… the mud blood finally speaks. Aren’t you going to tell him? You really should tell him my dear.” Voldemort’s tone was mocking and Harry glanced again at Hermione.

Voldemort disappeared from in front of Harry and appeared between Hermione and the little girl who Harry feared was no older than six. Grabbing Hermione’s long hair and pulling her head back towards him forcing her to look at him.

“Stupid girl…”

“DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER!!!” Harry cried again lifting his wand in Voldemort’s direction.

“Would you prefer me hurt the child… after all we can’t have any future Potter’s around after you die…”

“ENOUGH!” A voice cried out coming from the little girl sounding much older than Harry would imagine. Her appearance had changed. She grew before his eyes.


There was a loud explosion and a flash of blinding light. He was no longer where he had been. His body feeling much the way it did when Snape was trying to teach him Occlumency. Slowly becoming aware of his surroundings, he felt the mattress beneath him and two hands holding his face. He thrashed around violently trying to free himself. He heard the voice again only closer. It was the same voice that had ended his nightmare.

“Harry… Harry… Open your eyes. You are safe… it wasn’t real.”


Harry opened his eyes to see Professor Warren still holding his face.

“Harry… I need to explain something to you.” Her tone was frantic and her eyes mirrored his in color and in a wild expression.

“I’ve got to go… I have to tell Dumbledore what I saw. He has to know he’s after Hermione and a little girl… She can‘t be more than six years old.” Harry cried out breathless still thrashing about trying to free himself of his teacher’s hold.

“You didn’t see the Dark Lord tonight…” Willow’s said firmly trying frenziedly to convince him to listen to her.

“He’s going to kill Hermione to get to me… I have to go.” Harry was fighting with everything he had to get free of her.

“Harry… you don’t understand… you didn’t see what you think you saw…”

“What do you mean?” Harry spat out wanting only to get to Dumbledore so that he could protect Hermione.

“That wasn’t your nightmare.”

“I was there…”

“You put yourself there… that’s’ how I knew…”

“Knew what?”

“You were in my memory.” Professor Warren confessed.

“What was Hermione doing in your memory? Besides… Voldemort spoke to me… as if I was there. He’s going to try and kill her.”

Willow’s face went white and she couldn’t hide the horrified look that danced into her eyes.

~This is bad… he got in too far before I could stop him… Why would my memory speak to him? ~ Willow heart thumped against her chest and she found panic thread through every one of her nerve endings.

Harry noticing her distracted look, he finally broke free of her hold. Jumping from his bed, he didn’t bother to dress running for the door.

“Please… Harry. Stop.” Willow Warren asked sincerely fighting to get her wits about her. Her voice rang with sorrow.

Harry placed a hand on the door closed his eyes and against his better judgment, he sighed turning to look at her.

“Why was Hermione in your memory.” He said coldly.

“If I tell you… Dumbledore will have my wand.”

“I’ll have your head if you don’t. Are you working with him? Voldemort?”

Willow was shocked at Harry’s attitude and accusations. She swallowed hard.

“If I tell you… it could change everything. I may not be able to return home.”

“Where is home?”

“I’ve told you before.”

“You never told me anything.” Harry cried.

“Haven’t I?” Willow’s words were taunting.

“I er…” Harry stopped talking starting to remember yet another dream.

“Dumbledore and the Order had no intentions of telling you until they knew if their plan would work, so I had to be careful. I used Occlumency to block your memory. I hadn’t expected you to turn up in my own dreams.”

Harry glared at Willow. First at her hair, pulled back loosely with a rubber band, brown curls framing her face. She was definitely sleeping before visiting Harry. She was wearing a simple sleeping gown that ended just above her knees. Her feet were bare and she remained with her knees bent sitting on Harry’s bed. He had avoided her eyes, which he knew were a color of green he recognized all too well. He didn’t want to dwell on that.

“I used Legilimency to get into your dreams? But how… I can barely use Occlumency to clear my own head.” Harry danced around the questions he really wanted to ask.

“Why don’t you ask me what you want to ask?”

“There is nothing you know that I want to.” Harry lied and gritted his teeth.

“Don’t you want to know if Hermione’s safe?”

‘You just said it was your memory.” Harry looked down at her on his bed confused. “Memory?”

“Yes… I was reliving the night my mother died. When I saw you… it woke me up.”

“Your mother? I didn’t see…” Harry’s eyes grew wide as his brain added the information together in his head.

“Hermione…” He whispered.

“Yes… Harry…did you figured it out yet? I‘ve told you before… You just can‘t remember.” Willow searched desperately for something to tell Harry without telling too much of the future she knew. Harry’s face looked bewildered trying to make a connection that he was all too afraid to make for more reasons than the obvious. “Hermione raised me.” She finally said and watched the tensed muscles in Harry’s forehead relax enough to make out the lightning bolt shape of his scar again.

Harry ran his hand over his face and through his messy hair. “She’s your sister then?” His question was hollow… he knew Hermione was an only child.

“Not exactly… we did share a bond though...”

Harry shuddered as he listened to her describe future events in the past tense as if they had already happened. He blinked realizing that for her, if she was telling any form of truth… they had. He drew in a single breath blowing it out he opened his mouth to speak. “If she’s not your sister then how? You…” Harry was thoroughly confused as he walked over to sit down next to Willow.

Willow remained quiet but the trauma of reliving such a vivid memory clearly drained her of her strength and he had spoken to Harry… As if it was a present day dream. She was terrified at what that meant and the fact that she would have to eventually tell Dumbledore of her mistake. She looked almost on the verge of tears.

Harry couldn’t help but feel his heart tug for what she had obviously been through. He had been there many times before… seeing someone die, and especially loosing a surrogate parent.

“You saw it did you?” He asked, before he realized he was doing so. “You saw Hermione die too.”

Willow sniffled loudly and nodded softly.

“When?” Harry asked unconsciously wrapping an arm around Willow‘s shoulders. He felt awkward doing so, but his feelings passed instantly when he sensed her relax. Some how instinctively he knew what to do.

Willow looked at the floor placing her head on Harry’s chest. She had to tell him something… trouble was what version of the truth should she go with. She took a deep breath as a single tear ran onto Harry’s bare chest.

“I was sent here by the future Order… to save you from what happens in my version on the future. I was selected for my abilities as well as my knowledge of Hogwarts… Dumbledore hopes that I can help you change your future… my past… he feels that maybe if I help you… it will make a difference when the time comes to fulfill the prophecy.”

“So I die in your world.” Harry said simply with out emotion… if he had a sickle for every time he was told he would die… He‘d be the richest wizard alive. However, when Hermione‘s life was also threatened, he didn’t treat that information as he did when it was only himself being threatened. He always took death omens towards his friends seriously. “And Hermione too.” He added gravely just the thought of her gone scared the hell out of him… She had been a part of his life for so long, he wouldn‘t know how to be a wizard… or even just Harry without her.

Again Willow nodded sadly.

“How do I change it?” Harry’s hand fell from Willow’s shoulder and rested on her bare thigh. He quickly turned an awkward shade of red and removed his hand straightaway. Willow became rigid not moving, not even to take in oxygen. Stock still, she took a very long time to answer.

“I’m… I’m not sure… I wasn’t born yet when you died.” Willow replied as Harry squeezed her into a semi hug.

“That would be tough huh? Trying to save someone you’ve never met… but have heard the story of their demise.” Harry sighed. “I must be just as famous in the future as I have been in the past.”

“Somewhat…” Willow answered vaguely feeling his arms around her and sensing comfort. She took in a breath, breathing in his scent and trying to tattoo in her brain for later remembering. “You can’t know the horror that is my present. I dream about it all the time.” A far off look played with her eyes and Harry found he couldn’t swallow.

“I’ll do what I can… to help you. Although I am not sure what it is you need me to do.” Harry said holding just a bit tighter. Willow returned the hug. “You should really stop crying.” Harry replied wondering if possibly he had some magical curse that made the opposite sex cry around him.

Willow sniffled. “I’ll have to inform them… that you know.” She whispered.

“I guess that’s fair. But I’m not sure what it is that I know.”

“You know enough to be dangerous. To the mission and yourself.”

“You needn’t worry tonight. It looks to me like all you need right now is a few hours of peaceful sleep.” Harry tried to let go of her… but Willow held on a bit longer.

“I’ll do my best to guide you… from the errors you made that are part of my past. There are things I won’t know about… and Dumbledore is only aware of certain things. He knows who I am and why I am here but he didn’t want any details.”

“When does it begin?”

“Be prepared near the end of the school year. For now… live like you would have anyway.”

“How am I supposed to just live like I don’t know something is going to happen to Hermione? I…”

Willow kissed his cheek. “You must not do anything different before it is time… it could jeopardize my… er… many innocent lives.” She grasped Harry’s hands.

Harry finally looked at her face. It was still very familiar looking and he wished he could place it. At times, he would get a feeling, that would lead him to answers about it but they would then seem all wrong when he looked at her like he was right then.

~What does she want me to do? She’s awful close… ~

He released his hand from her grip and placed it on her cheek. Her hand went to cover his.

~Whoa… this is weird. She acts like she wants me to hold her. What if she wants me to kiss her? I can’t do that… ~

Harry bit his lip.

“Professor Warren…” Harry whispered softly. She seemed to be lost in her own thoughts with her eyes closed and her hand still resting over Harry’s on her cheek.

Suddenly, Harry heard something shatter a few feet away from him forcing him to open his eyes.

Willow and Harry both turned their head towards the door and panic quickly rose from Harry’s stomach making his heartbeat extremely fast.

There, standing frozen her hands still positioned as if they were holding something was Hermione. Dressed in a pair of pajama shorts and a sleeveless shirt to match, her hair was pulled away from her face ending in layers of curls at her shoulder blades. At her bare feet was a broken plate with several chocolate chip cookies scattered about lying in a puddle of milk. Harry didn’t have time to analyze the look on Hermione’s face, or to say anything to explain what Professor Warren was doing in his room. Hermione turned quickly on her heel running out the door and down the hallway before Harry could comprehend what was happening.

“Hermione!” Harry cried after her jumping away from Willow on to his feet and heading towards the door. “FUCK! That had to look bad… You’re my teacher for gods sake…” Harry was irate.

Willow stood and walked over to Harry. When Harry finally calmed down enough to look at her, he saw that she too was worried. Although he couldn’t imagine why she’d look as scared as she did. The only thing he could think of that would make her look that upset was the fact that she was a professor, who was seen sitting on Harry’s bed, in her nightgown, with her hand on Harry’s bare chest. Yes, that did look quite bad once Harry thought about it.

“Harry… you need to go after her.” Willow said actually pushing Harry towards the open door and he stumbled a bit backwards before catching his balance by grabbing the doorframe.

“Wha… Yes… I do… but I don’t know where she would go.” Harry peaked out in to the hallway hoping he would see her trapped on the staircases because he had somehow willed them to change direction to keep her from running away from him.

Willow bent down over his trunk and instantly pulled out his father’s invisibility cloak and the Marauders map. She pushed them hard into Harry’s hands knocking him backwards staggering out into the hallway past the doorframe this time.

He looked confused. “How’d you know about these?” Harry asked bewildered still glancing around for Hermione.

“You have to find her… make her understand that there is nothing between us… that there could never be anything like that between us.” Her tone was desperate as if her very life depended on it.

Harry swallowed hard and looked down at Willow questionably. “Why would she care? Besides you being a teacher… Who I have in my bedroom is no concern of hers.” He tried to make himself believe that restraining himself from running off blindly searching for her.

“Go.” Willow urged him. “She needs to know. I need her to know…”

Harry wanted to go to Hermione. His pride however wouldn’t let him move a muscle.

“There’s no time for foolishness Harry. She needs you to tell her how you feel.”

“No.” Harry replied softly. “If I tell her… she will die.”

“Nonsense… if you don’t tell her… I… er… Oh Harry you really need to tell her.” Willow was exasperated.

“I think you should go.” He said out of character. “I know what I am doing.”

Willow sighed defeated for now. She stood up straight and started to walk past him. “No… no you don’t.” She said coldly, shaking her head as she spoke and proceeded past him towards the portrait hole. This time… she would let him remember everything he saw… Simply to make him realize just how wrong he really was.


To Be Continued…

Part 5: The Power She Knows Not -


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