Title: Harry Potter and the Alternative Timeline

Author: Nursie

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Part 3: Hermione-


Harry swore he heard a door slam somewhere. He swallowed slightly feeling the top of his foot throbbing painfully. He pushed himself up on his hands against his mattress. His shirt was on the floor next to him and he was having trouble remembering how he got to where he was. He looked up to the window seeing the sun and that he had slept through the night. He stretched sitting on the edge of his bed.

“I must have fallen asleep.” He said to the empty room almost expecting an answer. “Great… now you’re talking to yourself Harry.” He reached for his glasses lying on the bed next to him. Putting them on his head he stood up yawning.

~ Funny…I don’t remember falling asleep… I must have come in kicked off my shoes taken off my shirt and collapsed. That was a hell of a dream though. I remember something vaguely about Hermione. ~

He rolled his eyes.

~That’s nothing new... I always dream about Hermione. But… something was different… Professor Warren was in it. Damn. I wish I could remember… It was probably quite nice. ~

He shrugged.

~That’s the last time I drink that much butterbeer at the welcoming feast. ~

Harry stretched again finding it hard to tolerate weight on his right foot; he stumbled over to the mirror. He’d have to let Madame Pomfrey look at that no question about it.

“After breakfast.” Harry replied this time to himself glancing in the mirror and making a face at his reflection. He desperately needed a shower. He stripped quickly down to his boxers grabbed his bathrobe and a clean school uniform from his trunk then headed out into the hallway slipping his arms through the terrycloth robe.

He shut the door behind him flinching in pain as he stepped on the ball of his right foot and began limping towards the prefect bathroom.

“Hey there mate… where you off to?”

Harry heard a voice radiate from behind him.

“Wait a second… what happened to you? You’re limping. Did you know who attack you in your sleep?” Ron’s voice was worried as he caught up to Harry.

“Hello Ron. No, it’s nothing like that. I faintly remember kicking the bed post is all.” Harry said trying to sound upbeat but feeling utterly stupid.

Ron stifled a laugh. “You can’t go one school year without breaking something can you. You had better let Madame Pomfrey take a look.” Ron glanced down at Harry’s exposed feet noting a severe bruise with a mix of black, purple and yellow colors weaving together at the toes. “Rotten luck, I hope the bed post looks as bad as your foot does.” Ron joked. He heard a groan and decided Harry didn’t want to talk about the pain in his foot. “So did you like it?” He asked adding a cheery ring to his voice while changing the subject.

“Like what? Kicking the bed post is not my idea of amusement Ron.” Harry replied placing all his weight on his good foot.

“Having that big room all to yourself.” Ron continued slinging his bath towel over his shoulder.

“It’s ok. I guess.” Harry shrugged. “I’d rather be in the dorms with you, Dean and Neville though.”

“Are you mad? I’d give anything to have my own room. It’s rather convenient don’tcha think?” Ron wiggled his eyebrows.

“What are you playing at Ron?” Harry sounded bored, as they got closer to the prefect bathroom. “What’s the new password anyway Ron?”

“With the girls… You know the type… the giggly sort that is a far cry prettier than you are. You know… girls.”

Harry slapped Ron with his towel. “Girls are the last thing on my mind right now.” Harry almost felt guilty for lying to Ron, although he reasoned, that it really wasn’t classified as lying. It was more or less being deceitful although Harry tried not to think about it as being either of the two evils. He just wasn’t telling him all the details. Ron said girls, which was plural, and Harry wasn’t thinking about many girls… just one in fact. Plural… which made it ok… what Ron didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him… right?

“What is on your mind then? Hermione and I came by your room last night but you didn’t answer the door. I figured you were sleeping so I left. She wanted to stay and rouse you but I told her to let you sleep. Told her you hadn’t slept much at the Burrow.”

“You two could have come in you know. I would have enjoyed the company.” Harry stopped as they got to the entrance to the prefect bathroom.

“Hermione Alohamora’d the lock and peeked inside. She said you were snoring rather loudly when I saw her later.”

“Hermione came in my room?” Harry asked.

“She was just checking on you. You’ve had us all worried. Mum’s scared to death. She’s decided to add you to the clock in the kitchen.” Ron said simply.

Harry started wobbling on his good side trying to keep balance without pain. “What was she wearing?” Harry’s tone caught Ron off guard.

“I dunno… a pair of drawstring pajama pants and one of those matching tank type t-shirts with the straps I suppose… Like my sister.” Ron eyed Harry questionably. “Why.”

“Oh what is the blasted password anyway?” Harry immediately changed the subject but keeping the thought of how Ron had remembered exactly what Hermione had been wearing in the back of his mind.

~She was in my room… I saw her… but how? It was a dream… had to have been. I wouldn’t have kissed her… God I want to kiss her. Her mouth… Did I kiss her? No… I couldn‘t have…~

“You don’t know it?” Ron asked exasperated almost forgetting his question and bringing Harry back from his own thoughts. “You really weren’t listening last night at the meeting were you?”

“I was…” Harry’s shoulders dropped trying to keep Ron from seeing through his cover. “You got me. I haven’t a clue what the password is.”

“We had to make it something easy so Neville could remember it.” Ron shook his head. “Even after what happened third year… he’s still forgetting passwords.” Ron looked over at Harry. “Alright then… bano.”

“It’s that simple?” Harry laughed good-naturedly. “If Neville forgets that we should help put him out of his misery.” Harry said stepping through the entrance to the showers.

“Yah… I think he’d give himself an unforgivable if he forgot that one.” Ron shook his head. “You have to admit though. He’s getting quite good at potions. Snape will be dreadful this year I suppose.” Ron quickly disappeared around the corner past the elaborate bath that was the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

Harry placed his things on a nearby bench. He slid out of his robe absentmindedly hanging it on a hook in the wall, grasped the waistband of his boxers with his thumbs and gave them a firm yank down. They pooled at his feet as he held onto the wall stepping out of them tying a towel around his waist. He heard the shower around the corner turn on as he placed his glasses next to the rest of his belongings.

“Ya’ know Harry… You have been awful quiet this summer. Hermione’s really worried.” Ron stated matter of fact. “I told her not to worry though. I didn’t think you wanted her to.” Ron ducked his soapy head under the water spray continuing to scrub his red hair with his fingers as suds and water muffled his words.

Harry turned on his own shower and stepped back when icy cold water jetted from the showerhead. The water slowly started warming as he placed an arm out to brace himself leaning all his weight against the wet shower wall. The water snaked down his hair and over the rest of his body and Harry tried to enjoy the feeling of the hot water over the tight group of muscles in his back. He stood there for a while his head ducked under the relaxing spray; water running down his nose and over his mouth. He barely heard Ron turn off his own shower and grab for a towel.





“Better get crackin’ Harry. We’ll be late for breakfast.” Ron said wrapping the towel around him then finger combing through his hair. He was almost out of the shower stalls when he stopped and turned his head towards Harry not looking at him but facing him when he spoke. “You would tell me if something were wrong, right… if you were having dreams again.”

Harry hadn’t moved he just kept turning the hot water up as it ran out. “Yes Ron. I would tell you if I was having nightmares again.” He made sure he noted the difference between dreams and nightmares as the water ran into his mouth.

“Hermione wanted me to ask you if it was a girl.”

“I’ve told you already.” Harry responded in an even tone but telling Ron with it that he was tired of that particular question.

“It’s not a bloke then is it… cause there’s been talk. People have been wondering a bit about that lately. You don’t really talk about girls anymore… not since Cho. I mean don’t get me wrong Harry… we’re mates no matter how your door swings but I’d like to know.” Ron rambled.


“I mean… it’s not like I’d care… it’s just…”

“Ron…!” Harry cried.


“I fancy girls.” Harry felt anger boiling inside him from somewhere… He couldn’t place it but he couldn’t help it either. Before he could correct himself he heard himself growing even angrier still in his words.

“I fancy them a lot.” Harry emphasized the last word emphatically with a bit of acid in his voice.

“I’m just trying to help.” Ron offered sympathetically but was shocked at Harry’s reaction. If he had looked at Harry’s face… he wouldn’t have been so surprised.

His friend took in a sharp breath and Ron took a step back sensing something in the steamy air as Harry threw the bar of soap not at Ron but in the opposite direction sending it sailing and shattering against the tile.

“Damn Harry… I was just trying to...” Ron cried only just as soon as the words escaped his mouth he wished he hadn’t said anything.

“HELP?” Harry screamed in frustration. “HELP? I am so sick of people trying to help me. I am not a child anymore.” Harry hit the shower wall hard with his open hand. “I wish people would stop treating me with kid gloves and let me be!”

“I didn’t know you were pissed off at the world again Harry.” Ron’s eyes grew wide. “When you’re ready to talk come find me. Maybe a cold shower will help you cool off.” Ron threw his arms up in exasperation and stalked out of the shower area.

“Ron…” Harry said softly calling after him as the cold water fell around him. He turned leaning his back against the wall and slid to a sitting position. Muttering a heating charm, he felt the water start to warm as it cascaded off his shoulders. He hadn’t meant to take out his frustrations on Ron.

“How bloody fucking brilliant. Harry. Alienate you friends.”


He shook his head, as the water grew hotter. He brought his knees up under his chin and rested it on them thinking about what he was going to say to Ron the next time he saw him. He closed his eyes and began to have a conversation in his mind.

~Ron didn’t deserve that…

I know.

But that crack about blokes was too much.

Yes… but you haven’t spoken much to him since Sirus died. Can you blame him really? ~

Harry blew out a deep breath blowing water from his mouth.

~If he only knew what you’ve been having go through your head.

You could tell him…

Maybe that’s what the others are thinking. Maybe Ron is just trying to warn me of rumors.

It wouldn’t be the first time Ron tried to protect you.

Oh… I don’t know. ~

Harry sat back on his bottom and looked down at the water creating a puddle between his legs.

~Maybe I should talk to them. I don’t know what I’d say but I should tell them something. What would I say to Hermione? Sorry Hermione… I’m having dreams again but they aren’t about Voldemort… they’re mostly just dream… erotic dreams… about you. ~

As Hermione entered his train of thought he felt the familiar flutter in his belly and quickly tried to banish it with no luck as the vision of her in the pajamas he had envisioned the night before came rushing through his mind. It was only a fleeting fantasy but enough to stir up his hormones. He cursed the Dursley’s for not allowing him any privacy… he cursed his summer holiday situation for not allowing him to get out… to see and do things normal teenage boys his age were doing… He sighed heavily as he quickly cancelled the heating charm and winced as cold water ran down his back, over his shoulders onto his chest and further.

~ There… a bit of ice cold water should do the trick. That should cool your hormones off a bit. ~

He thought with a satisfied grin as he felt his body start to react to the cold.

~Who needs wanking off lessons when you can take a cold shower. ~

He paused.

~ What the hell was that? ~



Harry finally made his way to breakfast. Entering the Great Hall through the large oak doors he quickly surveyed the small crowd for Ron and Hermione. Seated at the Gryffindor table and eating their breakfast, Hermione waved to Harry beckoning him to join them but Ron rolled his eyes.

“Have you cooled down any?” Ron asked as Harry approached.

Harry heard him and was about to apologize when he heard Hermione suddenly start to fuss about his injured foot.

“What happened to you?” She asked concerned.

“Ron didn’t tell you?” Harry asked taking a seat next to her.

“Ron didn’t say much of anything. He said you were upset about something.” She went back to her oatmeal.

Harry watched her take a bite under Ron’s probing eyes. A light bulb seemed to go off in Ron’s head and he opened his mouth to say something. Harry quickly glared at him.

“Not now. We’ll talk later.” Harry said instantly causing Hermione’s brow to furrow.

“Talk later… about what?” She questioned looking at the two boys as if they were up to something.

Ron swiftly interrupted her catching on to Harry‘s meaning. “Oh nothing… guy stuff.” He caught Harry’s stare and held it for a second before Harry nodded. “You a girl… you wouldn’t be interested.” Ron placed extra stress on each syllable emphasizing the word girl… trying to taunt Harry with its hidden definition.

“Since when did I become a girl?” Hermione teasingly inquired. “You two are up to something. I just know it. When I find out…” She paused looking at her friends. First at Harry who hoped he could pull off the blank look on his face that he was attempting… then at Ron, who clearly told her whatever it was, it was definitely something worth knowing, She gave a displeased humph.

“Just don’t look for me to protect you from McGonagall.” She swung her book bag hastily over her shoulder for effect and grabbed for her last piece of toast. “I suppose I’ll get dragged into it one way or another. I always do.” She rolled her eyes as she placed the toast in her mouth and stood to leave. “See you in Spell composition.” She waved with the toast in hand then she was gone.

“Dragged? I doubt you’d be dragged into it.” Ron mumbled turning to face Harry. “Ok… Spill it. When did you get a thing for Hermione? She’s our best friend for Merlin’s sake…” Ron ranted in a half whisper trying to keep his voice down.



“Not here Ron… Please. We can talk later.” Harry begged desperately. He didn’t deny it… He would be lying if he did. He just shrugged and picked up a piece of sausage beginning to nibble on the edge of it.

“For now I’ll take that. For now.” Ron uttered. “But you have a lot of explaining to do Harry.”

“If you want, come with me to see Madame Pomfrey… After she mends my foot we can take a walk down by Hagrid’s.”

“But we’ll miss Divination.” Ron said faking a whine.

“Exactly.” Harry answered.

“I like the way you think Mate.” Ron replied and began to finish his breakfast.




Harry had avoided Ron’s questions for a full hour. However now, they were circling the lake outside the castle and there was no one to eavesdrop on their conversation. The air felt good to Harry after having his foot mended but he still dreaded Ron’s line of questions. He waited as Ron tried to tip toe around the subject fearing he might piss Harry off like he was that morning in the prefect bathroom. Finally Harry was tired of the hints Ron threw at him and finally said something.

“So now you know I fancy girls.” Harry said simply,

“I didn’t doubt you did really… but Hermione?”

“I seem to recall your face turning the color of you hair at the Yule Ball fourth year…” Harry shot back.

Ron suddenly looked uncomfortable at his own past intentions. “I didn’t want to see her with that Krum guy.”

“Right… and all those remarks you made about her writing to him were just platonic.” Harry shook his head.

“I admit I had a… thing… a while ago… but…”

“So you don’t like her like that anymore?” Harry arched an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know I was the one on trial here.” Ron said looking a bit uncomfortable.

“I didn’t realize I was either.” Harry answered back.

Ron sighed heavily. “You’re not… I guess since last year… When she started dating that Ravenclaw… It was more of a protective sort of thing. Like I would do for Ginny if Draco keeps sniffing around. I figured we were all better off as friends.” Ron just shrugged.

“She was dating a Ravenclaw?” Harry asked. He suddenly felt very left out of his friends’ lives.

“Well… you were sorta busy. No one can blame you though. It didn’t last long.”

“But how come I didn’t know about it?” Harry felt the jealousy eating at him and was sure Ron could see a green eyed monster instead of his normal appearance standing in front of him.

Ron looked at Harry noticing the intense look in Harry’s eyes and he scratched his head. “Why are you jealous of something that happened ages ago?”

“Something happened… as in they…” Harry panicked but still tried to react as if he didn‘t care.

“Harry… you’re jumping to conclusions. As far as I know… nothing happened. Ginny told me… not that it’s any of our business though.” Ron pointed out.

“Who was it?” Harry hatefully inquired cursing Voldemort for his short absence during the year before.

“Why do you want to know? It’s over and done with you can’t repeat the past.”

Harry contemplated Ron’s remark and an uneasy feeling crept over him. “No… I suppose you’re right. You can’t repeat the past.” He mumbled quietly.



The conversation ended there. However Harry kept replaying it in his head as they made their way back to the castle. Something didn’t make sense. It wasn’t that Hermione had a boyfriend during sixth year… it was something else. Harry couldn’t put a finger on it just yet but he had a strong feeling that he needed to keep his mind open to any and all wizard activities. Somehow, there was something that wasn’t sitting well in the pit of his stomach. They climbed the stairs leading up to the castle entrance. Ron looked uneasily over at Harry.

Harry peered down the empty corridor first to his right then his left. Both boys stepped inside the castle as soon as they conceded the coast was clear. Sprinting across the foyer, they scurried up the staircases and past the fat lady’s portrait.

They sat down on the lush sofa next to the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room both panting to catch their breath. Ron’s chest heaved relentlessly although the panic of Filch catching them had passed when the portrait had closed.

“We had better get going.” Harry said suddenly breaking the comfortable silence after they had both caught their breath. “We don’t want to be late for our new class. We don’t know how the new professor will react to us.” Harry heard himself say. Just the mention of Professor Warren made him curious though. His mind wandered to his dream again but something was blocking his memory. Deciding he would give up on trying to analyze it he stood and stretched his arms up over his head.

“The new professor… what’s her name… She’s quite pretty… don’t you think.” Ron said abruptly catching Harry off guard.


“I haven’t really taken a look at her.” Harry lied keeping his eyes directly away from Ron’s dreamy look as the bell signaling the change of classes rang out through the almost empty room.

The look on Ron’s face bothered Harry. Not that he was jealous… no… it was something Harry couldn’t explain really. Truthfully at that moment, Harry didn’t want to either. He quietly picked up his bag full of books and stepped towards the exit with Ron behind him. He tried to ignore Ron as they made their way to the classroom, but it was becoming even harder than it usually was.



Harry didn’t know if it was the subject matter or the fact that he was just completely worn out but he decided to go with the latter excuse while they walked into the classroom. Harry noticed several other students had gotten there before them, seeing Hermione, Harry stopped in his tracks.

Ron grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him towards the seats Hermione had saved for them. They sat down throwing their book bags to the floor. Each got out their books, several pieces of parchment and quills. Harry pretended to yawn catching a sideward longing look at Hermione who nervously tucked a piece of golden brown hair behind her ear. Harry watched her hand travel from behind her eye, down past her neck and finally resting on the desk in front of her. Ron was saying something Harry wasn’t listening again until he didn’t hear anything.

Professor Warren entered the room, her midnight blue robes flowing behind her. Her thick, wavy, brown hair pulled back at the sides with a simple barrette and an anxious smile playing with her features.

Harry glanced at Ron.

The feeling he was trying to ignore was back tenfold. Harry tried to swallow it along with the knot in his throat. Ron was looking at the Professor like he had never seen him look at anyone… not even at Hermione during the fourth year Yule ball.

“A Book of Shadows is a modern term and refers to a book in which you keep all your important magic workings, such as spells, spells in progress, rituals, chants, potions, and anything else you think is relevant.” Professor Warren began. “In this class, I hope to teach you not only the basic composition of known spells, jinxes, curses etc… but the importance of telling the difference. I am also going to stress the three fold rule. Dark wizards and witches to not understand this rule… but hopefully this class will. I also am going to go over some basics on writing your own spells as well as elaborating on spells that already exist.” Professor Warren continued. Lavendar Brown, a fellow seventh year student raised her hand. Professor Warren stopped speaking and smiled at her. “Yes… you have a question… er… um…” She sighed.




“Forgive me, I am not familiar with all your names yet.” Her eyes scanned the room and rested on Harry, Ron and Hermione telling Harry that her words did not include them for some reason or other. Harry contemplated this for a moment until he heard Lavendar’s voice ring out into the quiet classroom.

“What exactly is the threefold rule?” Lavendar asked.

“Does anyone know?” Professor Warren inquired her eyes narrowing in on Hermione. “Hermione?” She replied before Hermione could get her hand completely into the air.

“Yes ma’am. The three-fold rule is basically this. Any spell or charm intended on someone else by a witch or wizard should do no harm… if you intend harm on the recipient… then it should come back on you three times worse than on the victim. However, then you get into counter jinxes and curses… which if used in self defense are not included in this rule.” Hermione’s face glowed. Harry couldn’t help feel pride for his friend… He had always known she was brilliant. He had almost forgotten just how brilliant she was during class.

“Excellent answer… ten points to Gryffindor.” Professor Warren exclaimed proudly… Her tone of voice and comprehensive expression did not go unnoticed by Harry.

Hermione beamed and the Gryffindor’s in the class all smiled at her. Professor Warren for some reason seemed to be siding with Gryffindor.

To be continued…

Part Four: Just Another Dream


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