Title: Harry Potter and the Alternative Timeline

Author: Nursie

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Rating: Over all NC-17, however this part is pretty tame.

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Part One: Back on the Hogwarts Express-


“Have you seen Crookshanks?” Hermione Granger asked walking into the compartment where her two dearest friends were sitting. Ever since they had gotten on the train her cat a rather ugly ginger colored thing decided to elude her. She sighed plopping onto the bench next to Ron and glanced up at Harry, who was acting a little more weird than usual.

“No, I haven’t seen your mangy cat anywhere.” Ron answered a little bothered. It was obvious he still had a problem with Crookshanks even though the cat did in fact end up saving his life.

Hermione rolled her eyes and looked towards Harry with a hopeful expression. She noticed his far off stare and understood that he must have something important on his mind. Wondering what it was, she thought to herself.

~ I probably shouldn’t bore him with such things as my missing cat. He’ll turn up sooner or later. He always does. ~

Hermione gently nudged Ron and nodded over towards Harry trying to get his attention.

“He’s been that way.” Ron replied nonchalantly. “He wasn’t at all conversational at the Burrow. He didn’t even want to talk about Quidditch.” Ron just shrugged. “So how was your summer?”

She thought about that for a moment before she answered. It hadn’t really been a very eventful summer… not at all like fifth year or last year even. Although she enjoyed the peace, she was weary of what was actually going on.

“I got all my homework done.” She smiled brightly knowing that Ron would respond with a groan. Hermione seriously couldn’t believe Ron was one of the top wizards in their class. He never spent much time on his studies… no matter how much she nagged him. She stretched her arms up above her head pulling the ponytail that held her hair so roughly tied up. That seems to get Harry’s attention because she could have sworn she saw him blink and flash her a look.

~ Hmmm… What does he know that I don’t know? What is he thinking? ~

She wondered again as she quickly fixed her hair and pulled down the shirt she was wearing which was now exposing her abdomen. She wasn’t fast enough; the shirt rode up revealing a tiny silver ring with a beautiful green jewel, looped into her skin at her navel.

“Bloody hell… what is that?” Ron exclaimed finally bringing Harry back from his trance. Harry jumped up, his hand at his hip pocket where he kept his wand. His eyes darted from Ron to Hermione. He looked like he was ready for anything.

“What?” Harry yelled as Ron stared at Hermione’s midsection.

~ So I got a belly ring, sue me. ~ Just to be difficult she mimicked Harry. “What?”

“That thing… in your stomach.” Ron stammered.

“It’s a belly ring Ron… a lot of muggle girls my age are wearing them it‘s what they are calling a fad. They‘ve sprouted up all over London.” Hermione answered. Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he and Hermione burst out laughing.

“Well, it got Rip Van Winkle here to wake up.” She said while Harry tried to stop laughing at Ron’s over protective gestures.

~ I swear sometimes he acts more like my big brother than my friend. However, I wouldn’t change that. I admit I love him like one. ~

Ron sighed shaking his head. “You aren’t going to go and get one of those muggle tattoos also now are you?”

“I’m surprised you’ve even heard of them.” Hermione giggled.

“Yes. Dudley’s is getting ‘Mum’ tattooed on his arm any day now.“ Harry said trying to keep a straight face, but his friends wouldn’t let him.

All three burst into fits of squeals and tears streamed from their eyes from laughing so hard. Hermione grasped her stomach trying to calm herself. Seeing Harry laugh lifted her spirits but she couldn’t help staring at Harry again wondering what he was thinking.

“So how was your summer Harry?” Hermione asked trying to include him in a conversation that would keep him from escaping back into his thoughts before his fit of giggles. He smiled weakly as she felt her heart start to crack a bit knowing bloody well that it was probably terrible up until Ron rescued him from Privet Drive. She tried to imagine his life there, but she only ended up angry and wanted to hex that cousin of his even worse than normally… so she has stopped trying. Harry looked around the compartment like he wanted to say something but the words were caught in his throat somehow. She tried to look at him compassionately, sending him all the love she could in that one look.

~Love… now there is a four-letter word if ever there was one. Fuck Hermione… ~

Hermione’s mind scolded her as she tried but failed miserably to focus on a different train of thought.

~ Here’s another word that is just as bad if not worse come to think of it. I wonder who came up with that word’s particular definition. AND here he is making me think of naughty words and all he is doing is sitting there in his tattered gray t-shirt and baggy trousers that would fall off if not for the holes he had added in his belt. That damn belt… I could think of a much better use for it. ~

She growled inaudibly at her thoughts as she found herself unconscientiously staring at Harry’s lap. If he was aware of this he wasn’t complaining so Hermione let her eyes linger when she realized where her gaze was.

Love- I do love Harry… Fuck- there I go again with the language. Now there’s a word with a double meaning. ~

“Hermione…” She heard her name and jerked back from inside her mind. Obviously she had not been paying any sort of attention, Crookshanks was now standing on Harry’s lap with her ginger bottlebrush tail tickling Harry’s nose and moving his backside against Harry’s cheek back and forth. He purred rather loud and kneaded Harry’s thighs. Hermione held back the notion of never wanting to be a cat so bad in her life. She shook off her train of thought and stood to grab her cat.

“I think I found your cat Hermione.” Harry repeated bewildered as Hermione picked Crookshanks up by his stomach. Crookshanks gave a meow in protest, trying to hang on. The sound of every claws tearing away from his trousers could be heard throughout the compartment. Hermione blushed; she figured she couldn’t really blame the cat.

She’d have done the same thing.

Hermione already noticed long ago that Crookshanks had a thing for Harry. She had observed Harry scratching him behind the ears once or twice in response to Crookshanks‘ gestures. Harry didn’t hold the same ill will towards the cat as Ron did. However, Ron respected Crookshanks… Ron’s had seen how he reacted to certain things, other animals, situations etc.

Hermione sat down trying to make Crookshanks lie down on her lap but the cat simply just sprang to the ground giving Hermione a haughty look. Crookshanks scurried off on his bandy legs, swishing his tail as he went. Reminding Harry a little of a woman the way he walked with a sway to his tail.

Harry leaned his head once again on the window, this time making an effort to talk to his friends. Ron seized the opportunity while he could and moved to sit next to his friend.

“So what is it Mate? Is there a girl or something I should know about?” Ron asked as Hermione looked uncomfortable hoping that Ron or even Harry for that matter, didn’t notice her quickened pulse or the flush that crawled up her face. It was evident that she didn’t want to hear it… if indeed it was about a girl. Hermione secretly still harbored harsh feelings towards Cho Chang; the Ravenclaw seeker Harry fancied a few years back. She had graduated last year, and Hermione thanked whatever gods responsible for this simple blessing.

“I’d tell you if there was a girl Ron.” Harry stated exasperated almost like he had heard that same question and answered it before dozens of times. He looked down at his watch and noted the time. Almost happily he looked up and smiled at his companions. “We’re almost there. Better change into robes and uniforms.”

~Hey… don’t I usually say that? He’s stalling for a reason. I really want to know now what he’s hiding. Did I say hiding? It hadn’t occurred to me that he was trying to hide something. I’ll have to corner him later. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want us to know. ~




They finally made it to the Hogsmede station where the carriages awaited their arrival. Harry followed as the entire student body exited the train and winced at what he saw there. Harry was not alone seeing them anymore; Ron was the only one out of the three that couldn’t see Thestrals. Hermione laid a gentle hand on Harry’s shoulder as he took in a slow uptake of breath. Hermione saw Luna Lovegood out of the corner of her eye as she was cutting through the crowd of sixth years to greet them or in other words to greet Ron. Hermione found her quite friendly recently at least. It was good that first impressions didn‘t stay with Hermione… Ron saw her as a bit of a nuisance still and he ducked trying to elude her. Ron, Harry and Hermione boarded the closest carriage and sat crowded along with Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnigan. Ron relaxed figuring they were safe until the door opened once again and Luna squeezed into the space between him and Hermione grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Luna said hello to Ron first and then acknowledged the rest of the group sitting rather uncomfortably now oddly enough because to her. Hermione smiled weakly at her. Hermione and Harry had to admit the girl had gall. She was rather apparent when it came to how she felt about their redheaded friend. They could tell she was growing on him, but neither would say that to him.

The group reached the castle and piled into the entranceway. All of them crowded into the huge space awaiting Professor McGonagall’s announcement that always started the welcoming feast as well as the new school year.

When Professor McGonagall arrived, she gave her usual speech and took the first years with her to be sorted. Hermione followed Harry and Ron into the Great Hall as the entrance doors opened.

Hermione caught her breath, always amazed at the wonder that was Hogwarts. Hogwarts never ceased to amaze her and she had read Hogwarts: A History from cover to cover dozens of times. The candles settled in mid-air once again gave a soft glow as students took seats at their respective house tables. Ron, Harry and Hermione took their seats at the head of Gryffindor; they were after all seventh year students. Hermione blinked back tears as she realized this was their last welcoming feast at Hogwarts as student.

~ I don’t want to think about that right now… ~

She glanced at Harry who was looking up at the staff table were the professors were seated.

Hermione watched as Dumbledore stood and prepared to make his normal beginning of the year speech. Every year it was the same but different… The usual warnings about the Forbidden Forest and roaming around the school after curfew were almost word for word… however there was always one part of his address that was different especially when introducing the Defense against the dark arts teacher. She shook her head as Dumbledore began his normal speel about the Dark Forest. She wanted to laugh but didn’t.

~ Ah memories… Can anyone else here really say they hid from a werewolf in those woods? Well, besides Harry? ~

A sly grin crossed her lips and she took a quick glance at Harry.

Dumbledore smiled at the students and Hermione could feel a calm go over Harry and she was not only aware of it, but she was also glad of it. He had seemed so tense the past few hours. Casually she wondered if he was consistently like this when he was visiting with Ron the past summer month. Dumbledore went on to introduce the teachers and other staff, starting with Professor Snape, Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick. He introduced Hagrid their friend and Care of Magical Creatures professor although he preferred to be called Hagrid. Then there was Professor Tonks… Professor Tonks was another teacher preferring to be called by their surname. They had finally found a Defense against the dark arts teacher to make it past one year of employment. Tonks was a younger witch and an Auror like Moody their fourth year DADA professor had been. She was also quite fun to have as a professor. She didn’t bore the class with loads of homework she figured demonstration was better than a scroll of parchment any day.

Dumbledore went on to add that there were several new classes for seventh years. Hermione was delighted but Ron only grumbled loudly looking very much like he had lost his appetite. Harry didn’t flinch though… almost as if he expected it. However his eyes did grow wide when a young witch stood up at Dumbledore’s introduction.

“And this my young friends is Professor Willow Warren. She’ll be teaching Spell composition and I know you all will give her a proper Hogwarts welcome.”

Harry started coughing hard almost like he was choking. He seemed to be gasping for air.

“Harry?” Hermione whispered with a worried expression on her face as she went to attempt hitting him on the back to dislodge whatever it was that was stuck in his throat.

“I’m fine.” Harry said finally although obviously still trying to recover.

Hermione watched Harry eye the new teacher with interest. He looked like he had just seen a ghost and she was not thinking of Nearly Headless Nick.


To Be Continued…

Part 2: Mysteries of the Mind-


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