Thanks to Zejan the Wonder Monkey for this AWESOME pic! She knows how much I adore Batman Beyond and she took her Voltron characters and made me a muse so to speak! I'll be sure to return the favor as soon as I can! Wanna see more of Zejan's lovely art work... join the Anime Notebook Mailing List at Yahoo groups or go to Zejan's Voltron Lair There you can read her wonderful Lion Tales stories and veiw her anime style artwork.

*Nursie Note-7/11/02*

I am currently in the process of reviewing chapters 2-7. They should be posted ASAP. I promise!



Batman Beyond


“A Bat Flew Over a Robin’s Nest”



Part One: “Face Off” (Rated PG-14)


Part Two: “Just a Little Crush” (Rated PG-14)


Part Three: “Out of the Past” (Rated PG-14)


Part Four: “Promises, Promises” (Rated PG-14)


Part Five: “Learning to Fly” (Rated PG-14)


Part Six: “First Impressions” (Rated PG-14)


Part Seven: “Obsession” (Rated PG-14)


Part Eight: “In Dreams” (Rated R)


Part Nine: “Catfight: (Rated PG-14)


Part Ten: “Up On a Rooftop” (Rated PG-14)


Part Eleven: “Drafty Old Mansions” (Rated R)


Part Twelve: “A Chill in the Air” (Rated PG-14)


Part Thirteen: “Ask Me No Questions… I’ll Tell You No Lies” (Rated PG-14)


Part Fourteen: “What Bruce Doesn’t Know” (*WARNING* Rated NC-17)


Part Fifteen: “The Boy is Mine…”(Rated PG-14)


Part Sixteen: “Terry’s Mistake” (*WARNING* Rated NC-17)


Part Seventeen: “Truth Be Told” (Rated R)


Part Eighteen: “Water Front” (Rated R)


Part Nineteen: “In the Arms of a Bat” (Rated PG-16)


Part Twenty: “A Day for the Bat” (Rated PG-14)



More to Come…


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