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I don't know where this one came from, I just got it by chance. It has a lot of illos of women and then these amazing ones of Captain Tsubasa, poster included.It is mostly Hyuga and Wakashimazu, as usual, but it is worth ckecking out.

 Credits? At the last page there are some , if they are of any use:

Seikimatsu Eritto 2, Spring 1987.   The title? Look at the cover, I wish I knew more kanji: -jinkan-rakubu.

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 WAKASHIMAZU WINDOW. Ken Wakashimazu looks at his reflection on a window. He looks sad for some reason...And he is wearing the Toho outfit. Maybe he is worried about his captain, if that's that part of the series in which Hyuga run away to regain his lost Spirit of the tiger who doesn't look at the eyes of his rival...
  WAKASHIMAZU AND HYUGA SOFT TALK. Just pay attention to the look in their eyes...Specially those of Wakashimazu looking at his Captain...Hyuga seems to be daydreaming...
  KAZUKI SORIMACHI HAT.  Doesn't he *just* look too girly? I really don't understand what's with the japanese and this character, but I am glad there is some variation, because as you can see all the book is Hyuga-Wakashimazu centered, as most yaoi stuff and doujinshi about CT.
   WAKASHIMAZU AND HYUGA CEREMONY.  Strange rites, those these two play. But nobody can deny me that they are ready to sleep together...At least sleep.
  HYUGA BREAKFAST. He looks so feminine here, looks like a model. So natural, but at the same time, those gestures are not ones of his...Not at all. Georgeous though he might look...
  SORIMACHI BEACH. Really, don't know what the author  was thinking when this was drawn...I know it is for the fans to enjoy but...Ok, nice buttocks...But I rather see his face ; P
   WAKASHIMAZU AND HYUGA MASK. Wow, they really look realistic in this one. Wakashimazu is still obsessed with his Captain's face or it's just that he can never get tired of it...of him...At least in this book...
  HYUGA, SO REAL IT SCARES. With the Toho outfit...The title says everything.
  WAKASHIMAZU IS MICHAEL LANDON. Oh, Gott, and with those etereal hands...He really resembles him, a bit younger, in Highway to Heaven, don't he?
  MODELS OF PERSONZ.  Wakashimazu, Sano, Hyuga, Nitta and Sorimachi at a coffee-shop. The most varied picture you can find in this booklet...They all look nice ^^
 HYUGA AND WAKASHIMAZU HUG. Wakashimazu could perfectly be his mother here...but it is nice. The scenery  looks like a Karate dojo somehow...
 WAKASHIMAZU BLANKET INVISIBLE. He looks older but Georgeous anyway. He has never been one of my favourites, though I adore almost all the characters, but in this book he looks quite handsome, doesn't he?
 WAKASHIMAZU, HYUGA AND SORIMACHI MOTORBIKE. The poster that comes at the beginning of the booklet. Quite cool, huh? Do they ride together, the three of them? It seems so...
  THE COVER OF THE BOOKLET. Wakashimazu in Kimono with a Japanese mask behind...Looks so sad...






A doujinshi manga book full of chibis, parodies and funny stories about the old series events or even original plots.

The author is Ai Naniwa, CUT COMICS, year 62 of Showa (I don't remember the equivalence right now...but the book gets to Shin CT, so it must be at least mid 80's).  

--- Click on the "Roberto-sun" ---


  COVER WING'S FIELD. Can you recognise everyone? Easy, ne? Tsubasa chibi-cast in full!
  CHIBI SANO FLOWERS. He came up in the back cover. 
   CHIBI HYUGA AND WAKASHIMAZU UNIFORM. It  must be some joke about Hyuga having to abandon his Toho's number 10 for Japan number 9. This came in the inner side of the cover. 
  COVER UNDER COVER. The cover of the book itself. It might be Misugi, but one cannot be 100%.
  CHIBI MATSUYAMA AND HYUGA FIGHT. And poor Wakashimazu must say to the public "We apologize for any disturbance". The color illo inside the book. 
  CHIBI WAKASHIMAZU DOUBTFUL. It was a nice picture. The story is hilarious. There is a long excursion with the school ahead and he doesn't want to go because he uses no pants. That's why the accident with the track and the dog will be providential for him in the end...
  CHIBI TSUBASA with his arms up. 
   CHIBI WAKASHIMAZU "Kojiro Hyuga suki" = I love Kojiro Hyuga. That's written on the wall behind him. But they are the author's notes, I must confess. There are more through the story. 
  MEIWA ANGRY HYUGA. This is the one at the top, if anyone wants to keep the original ^_- 
  HYUGA, TAKESHI, WAKASHIMAZU AND MISAKI BIKE. In this  funny story Hyuga wants to help Misaki to get money from his credit card for Misaki to eat, since his father (depicted as Totoro-like somewhere else) is painting on his own in the city. Hyuga goes as far as to "borrow" bikes on the way to the bank. 
  TAKESHI, MISAKI, HYUGA AND WAKASHIMAZU RAIN. When they reach the bank it is finally closed and to worsen things, it begins to rain. They end up falling asleep right before the bank and people stare at such a pitiful bunch of kids. This story in full goes back to when Misaki first arrived to Meiwa. 
  MEIWA-TOHO MAP. The three main players in Meiwa are already thining in moving to the Private Toho Secondary, that's why they need to consult some guides, under the suspicious look of their teammates. 
  WE WANT TO GO BACK TO JAPAAAN!! The story is just a bit longer, this is just the translation of the last page, but the plot is simple: the japanese selection is having a hard time in Europe because nobody knows how to prepare  a decent meal for them. Among the protests, there is also Hyuga Kojiro, who "eats everything", Misugi "the Gourmet",  and the Furano team, who add Milk to everything and then it tastes good to them (one day I'll scan that page too, is so good...), which scares the rest of the team. There are a lot of fights, the food spills and drops everywhere, and this is the conclusion, when they finally reach the airport (-_-''') go back.

 ARGENTINE MEAT TASTES GOOD!! The story has some more pages but these are the more important ones. Van Dias and Pascal have grown together, both were very poor but Pascal was more, and Dias has always helped him out, sharing everything and even rejecting good offers in teams if Pascal was not with him.But Pascal feels somehow like a trophy for Dias. These two last pages I translated are about the end of the Argentine vs Japan game in Shin CT, when Tsubasa and Dias changed T-shirts, so that Dias got again  a "trophy", a prize. And Pascal will do his best to get his trophy too. It's all in the word "omake": trophy, prize, extra, suplement. 

Page 1       Page 2

  CHIBI FURANO. Preparing for the matsuri at the end of the summer. 
   CHIBICAST. On the last page of the book. 
  AUTHOR, CHIBIS AND BABY. It must be Naniwa-sensei no baby, since there is a pic of it on the inner cover of the book. Here, the characters look more chibis than ever...




COMIC BOX 1: TSUBASA HYAKKATEN (Tsubasa Shopping Center)


 An anthology full of parody but also with some yaoi contents involving - as usual - the coupling Hyuga/Wakashimazu. Different authors, different styles and tons of fun. A nice present from my friend Susana some years ago, together with the Wing Fields' book ^^ Thanks!

Data: Comic Box Vol.1 Tsubasa Hyakkaten,  Fusion Produc inc. presents 1987 (this one was the 13th edition, 1988)

- Click on the  funny pic - 


COVER. I wish I had the top cover, usual in all the japanese books, but it was sold second hand without it. 

This one shows some scenes from the stories inside. 


BACK COVER. The pic shown on the left. MIsugi and Matsuyama in a quite shocked and funny motion.


 HYUGA AND WAKASHIMAZU INNER PIC. The first page, cover of the first story, which is in yellow, hard paper. The rest is in normal, white paper. 


CHIBI WAKASHIMAZU HAPPY. At the end of this first story, Wakashimazu has achieved confessing his feelings to Hyuga in a quite strange way, in a relay race in which all the team except Hyuga have got to know what was in that "love letter" one had to pass to another. 


TSUBASA "PAY ATTENTION". That's what he seems to be indicating. He was referee in that race. 

REAL COSPLAY. An extract from some pages in which a Tsubasa or just fan-stuff related market is shown and described. I just wonder how far the japanese can go for their passions...Scary...


FURANO ATTACKS. This would take place before the semifinal game in the third championship. How Furano wanted to defeat Nankatsu so badly that they over-trained until they went berserk or something...

BLOODBONDS. The original title is something like "Cup full of blood" "Bloodcup". It's a four-page parody of that famous scene in which Misaki's father tells him that he must go to France and that his mother has come to take care of him again...Well...This is another version of why Misaki went at last with his father to France instead...              

  page 1     page 2    page 3    page 4           Texto en Espaņol

TAKE THIS HYUGA! That's what Matsuyama is saying, while Nitta looks embarrassed...(Ano ne...)


NEXT YEAR WE'LL WIN. "Next year we're going to win for sure, OK, Captain?"



Another volume of the same Anthology collection, mostly Hyuga x Wakashimazu, asu usual (it seems its my favourite couple by the big number of pictures of them, but it is not, trust me, it's just the Japanese's). This book has some yaoi stories between H&W, in which they don't really resemble themselves. And also a pair of parodies and some individual fanarts. My favourite illo is the poster, bust just because they look good, not because they are supposedly who they are. 

Data: POE BACKS, Tsubasa doujinshi Anthology Vol 9, Tsubasa Miracle Shoot. Susion Product inc.presents 1990


MIRACLE SHOOT COVER. Hyuga, Wakashimazu and Tsubasa with a strange style. 

POSTER. Hyuga and Wakashimazu, as usual. They aren't really themselves, but I love this illo. 

 HYUGA AND WAKASHIMAZU. Fanart with their Toho outfit and in game poses. 

HYUGA AND MATSUYAMA. Fanart in which they look too friendly with each other. 

FUN STORY. About Wakashimazu's arrival to the tournament, when he got in time to Furano's penalty. 

 HYUGA AND WAKASHIMAZU ROCK STARS. I rather see Takahashi's pin ups with similar looks. 
 MATSUYAMA. Fanart. 
TSUBASA BEAR. Sissy pose of our hero -_- I rather see him hugging a soccer ball...



Another volume of this series. It has a lot of funny stuff which I would love to offer here. I am tired of editing the pages, and it takes up a lot of time too, so I will just scan the pages and add the translation in another file, OK? Please, understand. ^_^This way maybe I could add more in less time. 

Data: TSUBASA PLAY ON, Poe Backs, Fusion Product 1990, Comic Box


PLAY ON COVER. I think it features Kojiro Hyuga in a very casual fashion. 

HYUGA DOING EXERCISE. I don't know what that pose could mean. A heart-attack, a cold, a chill, an urge to go to the toilet...

ANGEL'S FRUIT. A short story featuring Sorimachi and his secret love for Wakashimazu, that is misunderstood by an ugly classmate who will confess her love to him.  Page 1    Page 2    Page 3      Translation

MEBIUS' LOVE. Misugi wish he could be as close to Hyuga as his Toho's teammates are, or even closer. Thinking on such ideas can be harmful for a weak heart. XD       Page 1    Page 2    Page 3     Translation

SNOWY MORNING. Hyuga wants to take revenge on Matsuyama for a day in which he beat him ina snow-ball fight, wanting also to get the revenge for that dinning-room episode in the Primary Championship. But the absurd desire for revenge, even over their true feelings, will take them too far...

Page 1     Page 2      Page 3     Page 4    Page 5   Page 6     Translation

PLAY ON BACK COVER. Featuring Hyuga and Wakashimazu for a change. ; P