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Welcome To Sailor Moon's Home

Last Updated: 26/6/03 ...actually im here now 2/1/2004: im planning to do more to this site (hopefully a gallery) so stay tuned folks!
Welcome To Sailor Moon's Home!
This is my page all about Sailor Moon and her anime. You can read lods of information on the Anime, and you can Visit All Of The Sailor Senshi! This page is constantly being updated, I havenít stopped! See the Sailor Senshiís profiles, attacks, other information, and my views on them!

Visit The Sailor Senshi/Scouts:

Vistit Sailor Moon
Visit Sailor Jupiter
Visit Sailor Venus
Visit Sailor Mercury
Visit Sailor Mars
Visit Sailor Chibi Moon
Visit Sailor Uranus
Visit Sailor Saturn
Visit Sailor Pluto
Visit Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon Information
Iíve outlined the series, put in information on about the movies, and about the creator and anime itself.

The story of the Moon Kingdom
This is about how Sailor Moon started off, in the Silver Millenium, and what happened. I have also put what happened in the first episode when Luna met Serena

Sailor Moon Animated Gifs
See the collection of my Sailor Moon animated Gifs

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Sailor Moon and all related charaters are the properties and (c) to Toei Animation, Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, DiC

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