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*~Only a Memory~*


What can I say?  Practically non-existent!  ^_^;;  Probably had something

 to do with the fact that I forgot my Angelfire member name… Yes yes…

 if you wish to make a smart comment, right here’s the moment…  *waits*

Okay, now that we’re done with that, just thought I’d let you all know

 that I’m a true lazy bum and you should probably not set your hopes

 too high on getting a big makeover on this site.  Yeah.  That’s my little speech. 


*points above*  I think it's pretty self-explanatory.  Terribly sorry, old

chap, if it takes too long to load though. ;)

Episode Synopses

Okay, about the episode synopses... don't bother going there anymore.   Not

Unless  you want to read the first 2 episodes again and again.  It takes me

WAY too long to  write a SINGLE synopses so i've decided to be a coward

and not write any more... for now, that is..>:)


About me!


(Before things start getting baaaadddd)