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Panpear's Pictures

Konnichi Wa!!! ^.^ You are now entering Panpear's Pictures, a site for anime/manga pictures. Right now, the site is under MAJOR construction, so there won't be much for the time being. The links for the pics are right below me. You know, the thing that says L I N K S down there. ^.^ There will be more pics, as soon as I get more pics, and upload them, and organize them, and Kihou forces me to work and do all that. ^_^;; I'm lazy...
Anywho, here's the basic information for the site: 1. Make sure you don't take too many pics from the site. It takes a ton of work to resize em, get em here, and to put em up. And if you do take some, make sure to give credit to this site. 2. If you see a pic that was from your site, or you have drawn it or something like that, and you do not see your identity listed, please contact me and inform me of this. I will get your site/name up right away. And if you really don't want it up here, i can take it away... eventually... *evil laughter*
Hmmm, I think that's about it for the formalities. After you enjoy all the eye candy (*look at all the pretty pictures...*), stop by at the Kawaii Anime Manga Page(a.k.a KAMP) and read anime and manga reviews, submit fanart, and do a whole bunch of other cool stuff!
If you have any suggestions (besides the obvious of improving the site and getting pics ^.^**) please contact me
here. And my AIM screen name is Panpear. And don't be suprised if you go a link to see anime pictures, and you see balloons or some other stupid picture instead. That means I haven't put any pics up on that part. ^.^*** Heh heh. I'll get to it...Hey! What are u doing still reading this?! Go look at some pics! And enjoy ^.~!



Date~ October 1st 2003
Yes I'm still alive. Anyway, I've had a great three fourths of a year not working on a site no one looks at, but maybe I'll do something more people are willing to look at, not just steal (since I know that's what almost everyone does when they come here, if at all, because that's what I did to most 'only picture' sites). But I'm not getting rid of my work!! I worked to hard... Anyway, I like this one comic, so I think I'll give a shout out to Lindesfarne because she's a cool hedgehog. And maybe I'll work on some pictures, but ... you know, school. Chao!

Date~ January 4th 2003
Guess what? *waits for a chorus of what? but doesnít hear it* School ate my brain. Rather Chemistry and English ate my brain. And I have those classes all year *sigh* Anyway, I have done some html (evil!) but havenít got the chance to put it up. But now that I have a cable modem (hooray!) I might update more oftenÖ seeing as I havenít since last year. Ainít I bad? But Iíve done lots of fun stuff, and Iím sure you have too. Iím sure you had homework too (evil!) So, I might put the pics upÖ later. and then I will disappear to slave away at school. Enough of my typing (I could go on forever if I werenít so lazy). I will leave you with little hope of my return (you can tell I wrote this late, canít you?) P.S I might do more if you e-mail/im me at (only for this month cause we're dropping it soon)/senshivulpix *hint hint grin*

Date~ August 25th 2002
Itís been approximately a month and a half since I last updated. All of you who actually visit this site on a semi regular basis (yup, just me. waitÖI donít. nm then) are probably wondering where Iíve been seeing as I wrote that I would only be at church camp for the end of July and then be back. Well, as things turned out, after church camp (which was very fun) we (as in my family) went to Disney World (itís in Florida. Also very fun). Only four days in between both events. I believe I was catching up on my sleep during that time. After Disney World, I slept more and did other fun summer activities. Like sleeping, and eating, and hanging out with friends and watching movies and TV. And so on. And that all took me about a month and a half. SoÖ now school is starting tomorrow and youíll likely never here from me again till the next available break from schoolÖ so donít expect too much content added anytime soon. HmmÖ now that Iím looking at the updates, I realize that I didnít start to write down my updates until about a year or so since the site was started. *shrug* Anyway, there is now an updates page. And thatís about all my work in a month and a half. ^^;
Date~ July 14th 2002
4 days later, I update the html I made earlier. So now you'll find four Evangelion pictures, and a whole new section. Fushigi Yugi pictures!! Yey. That new page is now down in the links so you can access it. But I still need to fix the colors for all of the link thingies... still too lazy to do anything important like that. Oh yeah, I'm going to church camp on the 21st for a week, so if I don't update before then, you'll know where I'll be. Now let's see...I better stop ramblin'before I say something really stupid. ^-^''
Date~ July 10th 2002
Long time since I updated. BUT! I have been busy. Done lots of html for pictures and such. About 3 or 4 pages worth. But I have been too lazy to put them on the site. ^-^ Boy, I am one lazy kid. And I won't put any up today cause today is my BIRTHDAY!! *cheers* I'm sweet 16 now, and will be going shopping for presents with my family very soon. So I'll put up pictures later. Just want to let the world know I'm happy today, and I haven't abandoned the site. ^-^v
Date~ July 1st 2002
Iím DONE with the DBZ pictures! *cheers* Or at least I think I amÖ I might be missing a few pictures that got lost in the shuffle. But Iím sure Iíll find them eventually. ^-^; I also made sure all the links work for the first few groups of pictures of dbz. And I got a shot at the doctorís that really hurtÖ and my birthday is in 9 days. Hooray.