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I've been wanting to buy my own domain name and webspace soon ( but it seems so complicated and expensive to boot. I'll really do anything to get rid of banner ads and have more space, unlike these commercial websites like geocities and angelfire. If anyone out there knows how it's done or knows something cheaper for me to try, please mail me. ^_^

I've officially reached 1,000 HITS on 5-20-03! Huzzuh! Next Kiriban at 2000! If you're the 2000th hit, please email me! To the left are the places to go so far. Please enjoy you're stay, and don't forget to sign my guestbook on your way out! Thanx!! ^_^



August 20,2004 - I've attended the Otakon anime convention in Baltimore MD at the beginning of the month! I just got the con pics of cosplay costumes and the are up in the Conventions section! Check them out under otakon 2004!

May 19, 2004 - I haven't been updating this page as much as I've been focusing on my art and other things. I've got a kind soul to host my art gallery, so now I have an easy to navigate and banner free art gallery. I love it so much, and wanna give a big thanks to for hosting me. I would have just transferred my whole website over to there, but she asked I only work with my art gallery. That's fine with me, honestly. Please, go take a look at my art on the side!

January 11, 2004 - Happy New Year everyone! Sorry there haven't been any updates on my site since I got the new layout up, but I haven't had much time. The only thing that's been updated is the Art Gallery, where I've added new pics to the Originals and Fanart sections as well. I will, however, be working some more on my Felicia Shrine; adding new pics as well as a game/fanart sprite section.

December 1, 2003 - I decided to go with a new layout. I feel this one gives me some more freedom on updating sections of my website and such. I hope everyone likes it. Also, I've been updating my Art Gallery on and off, so there's new stuff in Original and Fanart sections.
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