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Good and Bad Traders

Note: This place needs updating. Oh boy, need to check all my old e-mail. Whee!

Good Traders:
Total: 21

Swiftrat (traded with two times)
Blood Addict
Kyle McCann (traded with two times)
Josh Tanksley
Jeff Allender (traded with three times)
Paul Lange (traded and then bought cards from him)
Raven Karuna
Ole Hendriksen
Jacob Skytte (traded with three times)
Scott Nystrom (traded with four times)
Daniel Paul Lorica (traded with two times)
Kurt 'Little Bear' Hoffstaetter (Bought cards from)
Ramon Quinones
Ori N. Shifin (Bought cards from)
Scottie Neumeyer
Paul Rossman
Gerard Torras AragonÚs
Jim Leitzel (traded with him for Doomtown cards)
Tanis Underhill
Kirby G. Bishop (traded for Mage Knight figures)

Bad Traders: (Don't trade with)
Total: 0

None, but I did have problems with Seamus Cumhail. He kept taking cards out of his list as the deal went on. I even said it was okay that he didn't need to trade his Hunter Moon foil if he was unsure. All I wanted was the Umbra Foils. I sent one more reply to him and he never replied back on the deal.