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Card Artwork by Laughing Hyena

Also linked to my Gallery website (with the few stuff it does have). The section will also feature card artwork to my Toward Stars Era CCG idea as well. Dots mean finished artwork that needs to be scanned for the page.

I have a account on Deviantart! So if you want to check out my artwork, go there: Amanda 'Laughing Hyena' Johnson

Starting from Raza and stopping before the Toward Stars CCG artwork should be everything web published thus far.
Or you can go here and click on 'New cards': River Von.


Artwork based on a Califorinan Chumash Coyote taleOld Man Coyote - Event/Totem
Mixed Media by Laughing Hyena, 2001.
This piece along with BofA and LofS were done when I was a senior in High School. I'm now in College and using the choice of Watercolors for my future artwork. Out of all the old artwork, I think Coyote was the best.

Brush of the Ancients - Black Spiral Dancer Fetish
Mixed Media by Laughing Hyena, 2001.

Laughter of the Soul - Ajaba Gift
Mixed Media by Laughing Hyena, 2001.
At the time, I thought it looked a little too cartoony. But it does give off a creepy look. Probably also a good gift to be usable by Black Spirals.

Crushing Jaws - Ajaba Gift
Sweet Hunter's Smile - Ajaba Gift
Culling the Weak - Ajaba Gift
Laughing Hyena - Ajaba from Cailfornia

Mischief Molly - East Coast Ceilican
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2003
Image 1 Image 2
I did an artwork piece of one of my cats. Both of them capture her inner soul, in my opinion. That love-starved clumsy obvious she-cat: Molly. Sigh, but for all the trouble she's worth and least she likes to snuggle you back. Unlike 'Saber-tooth/Cartman' Bela (Deformed short tail, fat, two fangs sticking out from his mouth, and thinks he's the boss of the house) who hates being picked up, for some strange reason likes the music of David Bowie, and his chewed up foam balls.

Nice Kitty?Khan- name?
Character card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2003
Hmm...still need a name. I'll have to do catch a Tiger by the toe with Swiftrat's name picks.

OuchGarou Character
Charcter card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2003
If you look at the klaive, you can tell that this Garou is a Get of Fenris. And the title is 'Garou slaying a BSD'. Look for the chopped off eye in the piece. I'm also working on the Lupus piece as well. Lupus part is scanned, but a need to size it down a bit first.

Bane infested dog thing, Bane character card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2003
I kid you not, Raza was at first going to be Skippy. However, since it took so long to do because I really didn't have much free time in the fall semester: Fenris still used my image and told me to do a Golden Retriever. Funny how Raza's battle form, which turned out in the end, is pretty on mark with the description found in the corebook 2.0 and in Rage across New York. One of my favorite things was the skull done in watercolors.

Catskill Protectorate
Territory card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2004

Gift card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2004

In the Public Eye
Quest card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2004

Town Meeting
Event card
Watercolors by Laughing Hyena, 2004

Toward Stars Era:

  • Kohryu - Head Priest
    Duuz - Saurian/Angel Links
    Lady Iraga - Werewolf/Kei Pirate