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Hyena's FAQ

If you have any questions, please e-mail me, and you might see your question on here!

Heya, boys and girls... Black marker drawing, scanned, and then colored by a paint program by Amanda Johnosn 1. Do you sell cards?
Not really in a sense. As this is more of a non-profit site, I look more towards trades. I will however buy cards from other people if I have to. I will try to set up an Ebay account later on, however I will be selling and shipping misc. items.

2. Do you charge shipping when we trade?
No, most of the time I donít. However, if you are asking for help with your sets (this excludes rarer cards) and donít have anything to trade me with, I will charge shipping fees. Shipping prices go as follows:

  • 10 cards or more = $1.00
  • 50 cards or more = $2.00
  • 100 cards or more = $3.00

    If you live out of the USA and ask beyond 10 cards or more range: a extra dollar might be charged.

    3. Whatís this about 'Iíll trade for cards I already have'?
    Simple. Itís called stock and demand. Say person A has a card thatís on my wanted list, but I donít have anything to trade with him. I can go to person B and trade for what person A is looking for. Then I can go back to person A and trade for that card I have been waiting for. This can go on and on with person A, B, C, D, E, and whatnot. So just because you donít have anything Iím looking for doesnít mean we canít trade.

    4. Give away my commons?
    Iím doing this because collecting CCGs often piles you up with unwanted commons (Check out how many Wyrm Commons I have to see why I will not accept any Commons from this set so far). Most of the time you canít sell or trade these cards. Some people even throw them away or cut them up! So Iím going to take them off your hands to speak. Also I can crosstrade commons, Iíll be doing this for my Wyrm and Hyborian Gates common cards for any Doomtown common cards and for any CCG that I do not own. If you feel like charging shipping fees, Iíll go for 1.00 or 2.00 dollars.

    5. What are you going to do with them?
    Find out people who are still looking for them and up trade them for Uncommons or even Rares. Or Iíll be donating to people. Since Iím working as a volunteer for Rage Infoís grassroots project (IĎm also a member), if I have enough Rage Commons Iíll be giving those out for free in local areas I can find with rules to the game. Right now I have a lot of Wyrm commons to give out as sets, but would rather wait for more Rage Unlimited/Limited common sets to come in stock first before I give out the Wyrm ones.

    6. When are you going to get to working on the Ajaba section of your site?
    When I defeat the Dark Acolytes and save Sodina from Schmidt, the Dark Spirit Blacksmith who killed my Blacksmith master Jybil: In other words, not until a long time. Iíll get to it someday, if Iím not busy or lazy.

    7. Do you sell or trade your RPG books?
    No. Period.

    8. Will you buy RPG books from me?
    Yes, when I have enough money at the time.

    9. What other cards are you looking for?
    As for themes: Hyenas, Werewolves, Blacksmiths, any artistís artwork who also worked on both the old Rage CGG and New one, wolves, Artist proof cards, Griffins, Anime, Cartoonish style, other werebeasts, animals, other Mythical creatures (no unicorns, please), Pulp Sci-fi (1930ís and 1940ís), Lion King (hyenas), Thousand Arms, Final Fantasy, Suikoden, etc.

    10. Do you buy cards?
    Yes. Also Iím always looking for a good deal such as any cheap CCG boxes you might have.

    11. Is your site dead?
    No way Josť. Just because I havenít updated in awhile or because you think that *gasp* Rage is a dead game does not mean my site is dead. I do answer to my e-mails and Rage still has people who play and collect it. Rage Info is also working on a grassroot effort to bring Rage back.

    12. When will you put up more of your artwork?
    When the mood is right I guess. I have to do a lot more work than I used to do on the old computer. First I scan on the old one, put it on a disk, then take it to the new one to see what it looks on a better screen, take it back to the old one to crop it (since the new one does things out of whack), and then either upload on the old or new computer. Right now I have a few on the old one that need to go through this process. Iíll be also be sketching ideas for new cards from stuff described in many of the W:tA books I have. Iíll also be doing Rage CCG artwork commissions as well for Rage Info/Stone River Sept members only.

    13. Can I report on broken or dead links?
    Yes, in fact I would really, really, really, really love it if anyone can e-mail me about that. I donít check my links as much, so any help is appreciated. Also if you can find links that I donít have in my link section yet which can go into any of the group lists, send them my way and Iíll put them up.

    14. Can I trade you my DVDs, books, etc., for cards?
    Unless itís something that I want or have a hard time looking for, yes. Other than that, no. Most of the time I would like to restock my site with new cards. Mage Knight however, is an exception.

    15. Whatís this about a Toward Stars Era CCG?
    To sate my hunger on Takehiko Itohís Outlaw Star and Future-Retro Hero Story series, Iíve come up with an idea of a CCG using the Rage mechanics. So far itís just an idea. Who knows when Iíll come back to it and make flavor text and whatnot. If you donít know what these series are about, I suggest you look them up. AhhÖPulp Sci-fi. Iíve been also working on a Lupin the III CCG idea since itís owned by Pioneer and they came out with the Ani-Mayhem CCG. Basically it involves stealing from exotic places, stealing from other players, working with said players or double crossing them, while evading Inspector Zenigata and Interpol.

    Also I'm trying to work on a Pen n' Paper Outlaw Star adventure with characters that might show up in Dark Caster's Outlaw Star RPG game project.

    16. How come you donít put stuff in your Deck and Combos in your Etc section?
    Because thatís what you are for. Send any of your decks or combos by e-mail, Iíll read them, and post them in that section with your name! If you donít have a website on your own, this may be a good way to get your Rage deck strategies online. Type what cards you use, your theme, if you used it in a tournament, and the strategy you used. Also this site is listed on Fenris Lorsraiís links, so itís some good publicly at least.

    17. Can I put up my wanted lists on your site?
    Yes, I can, but it can only be from the old and new Rage CCG. Iíll add a new section which will be called ďWant lists by Rage players and collectorsĒ. I will not add in your extras or Haves, thatís a little too much. Instead, Iíll need your e-mail address, your name, and what cards your looking for. Youíll have to update me if you get any new cards and Iíll edit your list for you. If you donít want to be hosted anymore, Iíll take you off the page section. I would love it though if you could get a account at Mahatsamatmanís, if you do Iíll take you off the list.

    18. Hey! I saw in your ĎOther Cards for Sale or Trade' section that you had a Barghest or mass etc! Can I buy that or trade for it?
    Often I get odd e-mails asking me about stuff that I DO NOT OWN IN MY STOCK! Please note what it says near the top on the page: WANTED! W-A-N-T-E-D! Argh!
    Iím sorry to sound rude, but I canít really offer this stuff since Iím the one whoís looking for those items in the first place.
    Iím sorry if I have not e-mailed you back, but what can I say if I donít offer said item?
    If you go below all the ĎWantedí items Iím looking for, youíll see a section calledĎHave', which are the items I do have in stock.
    Which are the following:
    Lion King 1 and 2
    Hyborian Gates
    Magic the Gathering: Scourge
    Legend of the Five Rings
    Mage Knight
    Misc. Sports cards
    Misc. Non-sport/Non-CCG Cards
    Beanie Babies

    However, I now feel like making text that I can just copy and paste whenever someone e-mails me for the same stuff Iím looking for...