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If you can find me this powerful Ajaba Fetish, I'll tell you how to ...psst...psst..., sound good? ~Monowarai Haiena, Philidox, Ajaba


Be still little one. Artwork by Andrew Kudelka.

  • Arkady
  • Bryony McLeod
  • Plaintive Jaggling
  • Pure Breeding
  • Shadow Walker
  • Wolf Home
  • Battle Fervor
  • Glass Elemental
  • Umbral Quest (Must have keyword 'Event')
  • Venerable Cactus Spirit
  • Griff Murphy (w/ Crinos side)

  • Gold streaked Amazon cards (common, uncommon, or rare)
  • The legendary 'White Howler in a Snowstorm' card, a blank white card that appears in Limited/Unlimited.

    Up for Trade:

  • A Bus Full of People x1
  • Eye of Luna x1
  • Get Medieval x1
  • Nemesis x3
  • Rite: Victory Party x1
  • Scourging the Wyrm x1