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Galaxy Police officer Mihoshi


Mihoshi is best described as a cross between the luckiest person in the universe and...a jinx. It seems that nothing bad ever happens to Mihoshi herself, but anyone around her are always in great danger.

Mihoshi is a member of the Galaxy Police (GP) she only got this position because the Grand Marshall is her grandfather. The GP thought that they could handle one person as clueless as Mihoshi by assigning her to a remote sector in the Sol system. It's quiet there, nothing really big happens there, Right? What's the worst that could happen? Unfortunately that's where Tenchi lives and as you can tell things around Tenchi are hardly normal. Maybe they should have tried a more remote system... Mihoshi's grandfather is the Grand Marshall of the Galaxy Police. Because of this Mishoshi's chief and commanding officer have to take good care of his granddaughter.

After her graduation from the Galaxy Police Academy Mihoshi was assigned her partner Kiyone. Mihoshi looks up to her and wants nothing more than to spend time with Kiyone. Mihoshi seems to be good at sleeping, karaoke, and screwing up. She has a small cube called her control cube. Using this control cube which is supposed to be used to control her ship. Whenever Mihoshi plays with it impossible effects are generated. By turning it one way and then another, the sun goes out. When Mihoshi plays with her control cube trying to generate an effect, stand back because you never know what will happen. Her spaceship in the OAV Yukinojyo is also unique. It is a prototype from the Galaxy Police but ended up in Mihoshi's hands because of her grandfather's position at the GP. The ship has an artificial intelligence which allows the ship to evolve. You might notice that the ship's appearance changes from episode to episode.

There is also a possible connection between Mihoshi and Washu...But that is nothing certain. All I know is that Washu had a child (which did have blonde hair), but it was taken from her because the father was somebody of high status, which could have been the Grand Marshall, it's still a mystery.