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Galaxy Police officer Kiyone


Moving quickly through the ranks of the Galaxy Police Academy, Kiyone had a bright future ahead of her. She finished at the top of her class and gained widespread recognition before graduation.

On her first assignment she was assigned a partner named Mihoshi. Mihoshi was a bubbly headed blonde. She single-handedly caused the downward spiral of Kiyone's career. She did nothing on purpose its just the way Mihoshi is. Her future as a Galaxy Police detective was put on hold and she became a resident officer on a remote planet named Earth.

Kiyone wants nothing more than to resume her career and ascend the ranks of the Galaxy Police. However, even fate cannot separate Kiyone and Mihoshi. At the end of the TV series she received a promotion but so did Mihoshi.

Kiyone is level-headed and serious. She is the only other victim other that Tenchi. She is an excellent detective. Her combat skills are extraordinary and she has the natural gut instincts of an excellent detective.