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Millenium Items
As you can tell alot of work has been done to this page. The hardest thing was finding the pictures to go with these millenium items hope you enjoy them. If there are some pictures you got that I don't, leave me a note in the guest book or write me an email, I check both everyday and always reply when asked to.




Millenium Puzzle
Owner: Yugi
Description: This ancient puzzle holds, great magic, and the ancient spirit of the great Pharoh Yami/Yugioh who once saved all the world from the shadow games.

Powers: This millenium item protects its owner, can return souls seperated from their bodies, summon creatures from the shadow realm, or transport people to the shadow realm, it also gives the owner a seperate personality.



Millenium Eye
Owner: Pegasus/(later) Bakura
Description: This token replaces the eye of the owner and alows them to see through the eyes of their opponent and also into their minds. No spirit has possessed this object.
Powers: The millenium can allow its owner to see into different realms and times, it also can take souls, transport people or monsters to and from the shadow realm, and can be used to see your opponents hand.



Millenium Rod
Owner: Marik
Description: This rod also conceals a hidden knife, though the rod does not possess an evil spirit it would seem that its owner is.
Powers: Like the other millenium items it can transport to and from the shadow realm, and it can inprison not only souls but minds, making victims serve its master



Millenium Necklace
Millenium Neckalace:

Owner: Ishuzu (Later Yugi)
Description: a seemingly ordinary Egyptian relic the millenium neckalace is more than beautiful and gives its owner tremedous powers and a slight advatage over opponents.
Powers: The Millenium Neckalace gives the owner the ability to look into the ancient past, and also gives images of future (though that future can be changed by another millenium item and current events, (foresight) It also carries the usual abilities related to the shadow realm, and shadow games. No spirit inhabits this item.



Millenium Ring
Owner: Bakura
Description: This compass has several points (7) and can locate sources of magic especial shadow powers, it also possessed of an evil spirit, a theif and a stealer of souls who seeks out the millenium items.
Powers: This millenium item, has the power to steal souls, transport to and from the shadow realm, and it can locate other millenium items with its arrows. It also magically returns to its owner upon seperation. An evil spirit inhabits this millenium item.



Millenium Key
Owner: Shadi
Description: This key is ancient and unique it unlocks minds rather than doors, and is entrusted to the guardians of the millenium items in their quest to keep the objects from being about armeggedon.
Powers: It has the usual powers but also allows the owner to the enter the minds of their enemy and learn all they know and keep secret. Only the guardians may weild this item.



Millenium Scales
Owner: Shadi
Description: Only the guardians of the millenium items may carry this object, for it is an instrument of judgement for those who steal of misues the millenium items for evil purposes.
Powers: The usual shadow powers. It weighs the heart of the suspect against a feather on the scales, if they are not even the person is guilty and a monster comes forth to punish them.










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