Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Berngold Venus Mirage

January 13th 1994 to April 21st 2008

So much loved by Constance Gauthier and Michel Rivard

April 20th '08 - My husband, Michel and I took a decision this morning concerning Venus. Her health is going down. And because we love her we decided that it was time for her to go. Venus is 14 years old and 4 months. She had difficulty to get up. Her rear is very bad and she have other problems. Venus had always communicated with us and when she had a need you could not miss it. Yestuday she came to us about 10 times in an hour and we had no idea what she wanted. This morning, it's clear to us...

She has been a star. Everybody will remember her in the ring. Tomorrow, BISS Can/Am Ch Berngold Venus Mirage will cross the rainbow bridge and she will continue to shine.

We love you Venus for ever. We will continue to take good care of your daughter Grâce, 11 years old and all your grand children.

Constance Gauthier and Michel Rivard
Miroco Kennel.

Venus is 14 yrs old

Happy birthday to you, dear Venus, happy birthday to you.

Jan. 13th '08 "What else can I say. It's a great day for us today. She did it. She is 14 years old and doesn't have any health problem. Sometime it's difficult to get up. I put her cookies on the floor because I don't want her to get my fingers. She is in a good mood except when a puppy past too close in front of her. She is the love of our live and now we have a young girl who has the exact same personnality. I hope that the young one will live as long as her great great grandmother. Also, Grâce, Venus daughter will be 11 in April."


Jan. 4th '07: "In a week, Venus will be 13 years old. I just took a photo of her with 5 generations of females, mother and daughters. It will be on the cover of the next Berner Please. Next weekend, I will write something for her 13 anniversary ........ Venus is the one lying down and the first girl at left is Grâce who will be 10 in April. This year, Enya, will have a litter and I hope I could do another 5 generations photo. I thanks every day God to let me have those healthy dogs and I realise how lucky I am for the longetivity in my line."

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