Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Car-Mar's Truscan vom Zurich

October 19th 1994 to December 28th 2007

Owned by Georgena & Bob Pasquinelli


24/10/07 Truscan surrounded by a portion of his harem. Two girls one on each side of him.

Chilling out by the kitchen waiting for any food morsel that may come his way.

Getting in on the action. He does the dance by himself. These were Mr. T month a half ago feeling his oats.

He still seems to get around and everyone respects and treats him as kindly senior and then he takes his afternoon rest.
I still am amazed at him. He is still enjoying his life and making us laugh.

Truscan with one of his girl friends. Just a great dog.

Leo (9 1/2) and Truscan. This truly shows their relationship. They have been like this since Leo arrived in the house.
Truscan has been a great influence in our house

Leo waiting for Truscan to eat and clean up anything Truscan drops or leaves.

I have a lot of pics of Mr. T laying down the last few years. He is easier to photograph because he does move as fast as the other dogs.
He has to think about it a little before we move

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