Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Clearwater's Scout

January 4th 1997 to August 14th 2010

Owned, loved and now so very sadly missed by Maurice Sasson

The adorable, irrepressible Scout will turn THIRTEEN on Monday, January 4th 2010. Scout came to me as a rescue dog when she was 6 years old from her family who couldn't deal with her allergies anymore. She was indeed the worst case of allergies I have ever seen to date, and I've been doing rescue for a long time. Scout also had a torn cruciate ligament that needed surgical repair. Scout's breeders were contacted, and they generously and responsibly offered to take her back, but that would require her being flown across the country so we thought it best that she stay here in San Diego. Her breeders made a donation to our rescue program to help defray some of her expenses. I immediately took Scout off all grains, and started her on a raw diet with a few supplements. Her transformation was truly amazing as her ears and feet calmed down from the angry reddish purple they had been and her hair began to grow back in after having been shaved for her 'medicated' weekly baths. Next, Scout had a TPLO to repair her knee. Her other cruciate had been repaired poorly a couple of years prior by her regular vet, and was not very stable. We were fortunate to get the surgery done for half price so she would at least have one strong knee. Once Scout was past rehab, it was time to look for a home for her. Over and over people would be interested, but decided against it because they either didn't want to continue w/her diet or were worried about her age. After 6 months, I got a call from a retired gentleman who was looking to adopt an older dog. His neighbors were members of the BMDCSC and they had brought their most recent newsletter over to him to show him Scout's picture. When they met, I knew it was a perfect match. Maurice always checked in with me if he had any questions about her diet or supplements, and has continued to work with a wonderful holistic vet, Dr. Keith Weingardt to monitor Scout's health. I could write so much more, but I realize this is already getting too long. I could not have found a better home for Scout than with Maurice, and I always think those other people missed out. I use Scout as an example when I talk to people about lifespan in the breed. So many people will not consider adopting an older Berner, but one never knows how long any of us will live.

Long live the beautiful Scout (BG # 48086)!

Jennifer Zaayer

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