Celebrating our Berner Veteran Angels

In Loving Memory of


Santera Nina Allegra

April 20th 1992 - February 15th 2007

Owned by Morgan Hodgson

Bred by Sandra Novocin

Nina had lived with us since she was 8 weeks.

She had two litters, both from Mentmore Sequoia, and had always lived with another dog and a cat, all house pets

With great sadness

"Sandy, I wanted you to know that we put Nina to sleep today - just 8 weeks shy of her 15th birthday. She was doing quite well, though arthritic, until Christmas, when she dropped a notch and seemed less energetic and more subdued. She continued to take short walks, use the dog door to the back yard, etc, throughout January but her legs became increasingly stiff and the kitchen tile floor was a problem for her. She continued to go up and down the stairs inside the house and go outside briefly until 2 days ago, and since then was becoming increasingly subdued, although not seemingly in pain. Her appetite was fine until yesterday morning and then she suddenly stopped eating and drinking."

We feel very lucky to have had her company for so long!


for Nina's daughter, Veteran Angel Nadia

for Nina's grand-daughter, Veteran Angel Lark

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