Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Zeigan Winter Voyager

June 27th 1997 to May 13th 2008

Owned, loved and now so much missed by Andrea Madeley

Mischka and Danny

Every morning for almost 11 years I would lean down to her and whisper, "Good Morning Miss Mischka" in a tone not unlike we would greet our school teacher. She reminded me of a very prim and proper school mistress - one that demanded respect - that would tolerate no silly antics ... but that made me a little sad. She seemed so serious even as a puppy. It's like she missed out on all the fun stuff over the years.

She lived in her own little world. She wasn't confident our ot going but she was sweet and lovable. She talked too much - about nothing ... always nattering away like a senile old woman - and that was before she became senile and old.

She could out snore the best - took ages to find the perfect place to set down for the night. She would never pee in front of anyone. Her routine was so important to her. She would comb the fence line every morning - sniff the same spots every time...

I doubt there was much wrong with her health wise. She loved her food and looked bright and happy - but her body gave way. Her shoulders were always lose and sloppy and this is really where time did its damage. But no more Mischka ... no more falling over - you have angel wings now.

This morning was so quiet here. I would have given anything to hear her mindless natter.

Rest in peace sweet Miss Mischka ... this tribute is just for you.

27th June 1997 - 13th May 2008


Love forever, your Earth Mum xxx

Mischka sleeping!

"Another June birthday for our household with our old girl Mischka celebrating her 10th birthday today.

We always believed there was something not quite right with Mischka in the logic department - she taught me a great deal about coping with a the canine version of OCD ... obsessive compulsive disorders LOL!

So today dear ol' lady you have my permission to do whatever your fluffy little mind seeks pleasure in. Today I will tolerate your barking even when there's nothing to bark at. I will also make allowances when you decide you need the extra 40 minutes to find exactly the right spot to pooh / wee...whatever.

I don't actually know what your favourite treat is because you seem to devour everything with equal disregard for flavour so I will simply bestow on your copious amounts of kisses because I know ... deep down you really do love them - even if all that seems really 'immature'.

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to our sweet ol' lady Mischka.

Andrea Madeley Aarions - South Australia"

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