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In Loving Memory of Berner Veteran


Blossom's Sweet Lou Dunbar

January 20th 1995 to March 22nd 2007

Owned by Adrienne and Fred Hammond


"It is with inconsolably heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear and precious Louie (Blossom’s Sweet Louie Dunbar) our loving, gentle, and goofy Louie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

Louie’s story has been told many times over the past 10 years. He came to us when he was just two when it became known Louie was crated day and night, and terrified of that ‘prison’.

Louie’s breeders intervened after Louie’s mouth was repaired yet again from attempts to escape his 'prison', and most of his teeth, canines and incisors, broken off to the gum line. It was decided that Louie be re-homed, and we were the lucky, eternally grateful ones who got to share Louie’s love from then on.

Louie was a clown. He mastered “The Look” and could melt the steeliest heart. Never a day went by when he didn’t make us laugh. Louie was so loving, so knowing, and hilarious.

He grieved right along with us over Destiny and Ben’s loss to hystio. Louie has been my shadow for 10 of his 12+ years, and given us more unconditional love that we can even express

He’d cuddle all day and all night if he could. You could never hug anyone, without “Me Too Lou-Lou” squeezing in between you for his share! He was always happy, always full of energy, and never forgot a friend.

But Louie’s energy had gone, and he had become more and more frail; his spirit was willing but his body could no longer do his bidding. Our vet of 26 years came to our home yesterday, and helped Louie across the Rainbow Bridge while we held him and each other in our arms.

Louie is in a special place on our property where we can sit on a large rock beside his spot in the forest. We placed our Desty (Valleverde’s Destiny, Aug. 9, 1992-April 30, 1999) and Ben ( Valleverde’s Friendly Ben, July 29, 1993 - May 9, 2002) with Louie cradling their urns. The three of them are together again, and Louie will have been greeted by Desty and Ben as he crossed the Bridge last night.

Goodnight Sweet Louie, your Desty and Ben are with you.

Always Loving, Always Loved, Forever in our hearts,

Adrienne & Fred Hammond
Bailey and Bosley

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