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Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Matera's Dotty Doodaa

November 9th 1993 to May 13th 2007

Owned by Stephanie Kenning, Derek Freeborn and Neill Toyne

Bred by Kathy and Maz Pawlyszyn

"Holly came from Kathy and Maz Pawlysyn in Scunthorpe, UK. The sire was Carlacot Genesis at Nellsbern (Bogie) and Dam was Coliburn Shona at Matera. Bogie was Crufts B.O.B in 1992 and Holly is facially just like him. I think he died aged 5, and her mother died aged 8 (or maybe the other way around). We never showed or bred from her although we always hoped that we would one day. She has been a fantastic loving pet though.

Unfortunately Holly died last sunday. She never quite recovered from the fall and it was quite sudden at the end with her seeming to give up. After 24 hours we called the vet who agreed it was time to end her life. She was in Warwickshire with Neill but Derek and I travelled down to spend the day with her. She has been cremated at a place in Stroud that Neill and Trish had used for their cat.

We have lots of lovely memories of her, and Dylan (aged 4) got to know her which we hadn't really expected as she was a good age when he was born.

She will be so sadly missed!

Thank you for your lovely veterans, they are worth celebrating."



Holly with Stephanie's nephew, Jack and son, Dylan

Holly with Derek and Dylan

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