Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Teversal Genevieve
20th October 1996 to 15th December 2007

Owned, loved and now so sadly missed by Marion Brown
Teversal Bernese Mountain Dogs
South Africa


When I bred Genni way back in 1996 she was booked to go to a family who never turned up to fetch her and so she stayed with me. Her father was Ch Zenith de Savora (died aged 10) and her mother Ch Glanzberg's Franzi (died aged 12) so it is not surprising that she lived to be 11+. She was always a sweet dog but lacking in self confidence a little although over the years it was always Genni who wanted to greet visitors to our house. Against all the odds with Bernese being a short-lived and expensive breed Genni disproved all the theories. She was never ill and I think that the only time I spent money on her was to get her spayed. Genni was never bred but in retrospect (isn't 20-20 hindsight wonderful?) I wish that I had puppies from her because there aren't many dogs with such a sweet nature and how many make it to 11?

She maintained a quiet control in the household and was never one to confront the other dogs although towards the end she would make sure not to get bumped by the more boisterous dogs. Roast chicken was her favourite food and she was always first in the queue for tidbits.

I haven't had the heart to take her blankets away so they are still in "her corner" and on Saturday afternoon was amazed to find that Tinka had brought all the other blankets she could find in the house, including the puppies blanket, and put them on Genni's bed. She topped it with an old slipper toy. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Genni, I miss you so much.

Sleep peacefully my little girl.

Love from your mom


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