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Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of

Miss Christie Belle

Lynsennen Jane Bennet

10 December 1997 to 18 August 2010

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Anne Gribbon

Christie was one of a litter of seven and there were four siblings that celebrated their twelfth birthday last year, but Christie was the last one of her litter – her brother having left for the bridge just eight days earlier. Won’t that be a ruckus up there now at the Rainbow – a whole litter reunited?

Her breeder said she always remembered Christie as the pup who knew exactly what she wanted in life right from the word go. It was a summertime litter and the coolest spot to lie down was wrapped around the water bowl. According to her breeder, Christie always made sure she got that spot…. A princess from the very beginning until the very end…

Christie, Berner Picnic August 10th '10, just a week before she died.
She looked so good I thought we might just get her to her next birthday, but it wasn’t to be.

Conversations with Christie

A Tribute to a Life Well Lived & a Dog Well Loved

<click here for Anne's Very Special Tribute to her girl>

And earlier days!


Happy 10th Birthday Christie

In honour of such a wonderful occasion - and the fact that she IS a princess after all, Christie has declared today, the tenth of December as World Princess Day. In a global celebration of all the beautiful princesses and handsome princes out there in berner land, humans please add a special something to your dog bowls this evening and for you, please raise a glass to toast this celebration of my very special girl on her very special day.

Ten years young, and despite the fact she has some serious arthritis, can still manage to scale our four foot fences and escape when we're not at very precious Psycho Chick who came to me at 5.5years old to teach me just what it means to have a highly strung 'it's all about me' dog after being lulled into a false sense of reality with the two chilled out berners that preceeded her. We have traveled an interesting road together to get to where we are now, my bed hogging, pat-aholic couch cuddler, I do love you.


Happy 12th Birthday Miss Christie Belle!

Christie says: "I'm a star at last, my picture was on the berner-l home page today! Now where's my filet mignon I ordered? Oh well - this meaty bone will have to do instead!"

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