Celebrating Our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Bbroo's Alpine Ceejae

December 28th 1988 to May 29th 2000

Owned by Catherine Maltby

This wonderful collage of Ceejae's pics was featured on berner-l as an example of the changes in coat over the years!

Top left, 9 months; top right, about 3 years
Bottom left, 7 1/2 years; bottom right, 11 years

"When I went to get her I was thinking of names and I had thought of Amy, Sarah or Ceejae and when I met her I knew she wasn't Amy or Sarah VBG. Ceejae was for Cathy/Jesse (my ex) and we couldn't just spell it CJ so we were different and spelt it Ceejae.

She was the epitome of everything a Berner could be, doing school visits from playschool right up to pulling her cart for older children and even old age home visits. I remember one time we were at the old age home and she was sort of loose, there were these two older ladies on a love seat chatting, they were ignoring her so she went up to them, turned around and got her bum inbetween them so they could both pet her...it was so special.

Ceejae and I went thru many "first's" in our lives and she just took all of them in stride. She was my first "show dog" and even with a novice handler she managed best puppy in show. (With no blowdrying VBG) Where we have lived, she was the only berner within miles and she was always an eye catcher.

The first show that we went to with more than 2 berners was a specialty in Vancouver. I was overwhelmed with having 12 open females in the ring. She got 4th in her class then but went on to BOS to her dad for another show that weekend.

Her Sire, Willi, also took BIS that day.

Willi's Veteran Angel Page
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I keep wondering how far she would have went with someone who knew how to handle.

Oh well. As you can see she was part of me for many years and still is.

I guess that is what happens when someone or something touches a very special part of your heart."

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