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In Loving Memory of


May 26th 1994 to December 16th 2009

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Brian and Michelle Shypula

This photo of Argo walking in our neighbourhood schoolyard was taken in May.

August 6th '09 - "I'm happy to say that Argo is still with us and doing pretty well. He turned 15 in May but a stomach bug kept the celebration low key

My wife Michelle and I adopted Argo about 2.5 years ago after his owner needed to move out of her home. We used to babysit him when she travelled. She asked us to take him in because her new apartment building did not allow pets. Sadly, Elaine died earlier this year. She loved Argo dearly. The video tribute at the visitation had some wonderful photos of a young Argo. She even had a custom-made sticker on her van naming it the Argomobile with his picture.

We tried to research Argo's background for but met with little success. We know that he came to Canada from Switzerland when he was about a year old, according to his vaccination papers when he entered the country. They gave his DOB, owner's name and breeder. The family didn't stay in Canada and sold Argo to Elaine and her late husband through a newspaper ad.

We have the clipping. I tracked down his original owner in Switzerland, however she could not remember the name of the person who sold Argo to them. She recalled that Argo came from a farm and thought the farmer was a former Berner breeder who turned his back on the industry. She thought Argo came from good stock. We certainly think he is a handsome dog even at his advanced age.

Today, Argo had to have a mass removed from his side. It was a nervous day for us but we have a wonderful vet. Argo seems to be in good spirits although I don't think he likes wearing my baggy T-shirts to keep him from licking the incision.

Argo still likes his daily routine. I carry him up and down the stairs in our home but he is able to walk about two blocks before he begins to tire. His appetite is good and I can tell his spirit is still willing to play even if his body doesn't allow it. He spent a week's vacation at a cottage on Lake Huron with us in July.

Brian Shypula


13 1/2 yrs young and he just demanded to try out this carting game like the other dogs!!
He's marvellous!!

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