Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Good Harth Fichter Brigi

April 23rd 2002 to February 1st 2014

Owned, so much loved and now so sadly missed by

Danielle Gershberg and family

Here is a link to Hudson's video, taken 6 years ago!

Hudson aged 9 1/2 yrs

With 3 yrs old Ramona on left Ramona on left, Hudson on right!

Such brats! Delicious!

Someone loves the beach!

Hmm, what's this? Ooh, tickles?

Hudson on far left, Fanny, Ramona and Bruno in front

Can you find Hudson?
<zoom in>

Hudson & friend!
<zoom in>
Another friend!
<zoom in>

Halloween 2011!

Ramona is Superman, Xander is Batman and Hudson is Wonder Woman of course!

Hudson almost 10!

For fun videos of Hudson and her siblinga
Let's Get This Party started
Lazy Sunday!

Happy 10th Birthday Hudson

Hudson - August 2012

Hudson in Lake Tahoe
10.4 years old and she flew in and was swimming around like a puppy!! :-)

Hudson with Ramona and Xander on her way for the first time to lake Tahoe

Big sister Hudson on the left with bigger little sister Ramona

Hudson and Ramona, all smiles!

August 14th '12 - Hudson's first professional grooming ever!

Happy 11th Birthday, Hudson!

April 23rd 2013 - I never thought she'd make it to 5 especially with all we have been through, my (probably) $40,000+ dog! Came with parvo which stunted her growth, then IBS, then two elbow surgeries before age 1 1/2, her hips 1/3rd in the socket, then she got 3 bad discs in her neck and back and she could barely walk (i said no to surgery and we found other ways to get stronger), thyroid issues, lumps everywhere too many to even count one on top of the other, foxtails in her paws, legs, and one almost in her cervix (yikes!) And then fighting cancer by age 9. So last year when she hit the 10 year milestone, I knew every day after was a blessing! And now, 365 days later my friends and I are celebrating her 11th tonight with a big cheeseburger and being the center of attention! She is gimpy and always panting and she has had or has every ailment under the sun but she STILL smiles every single day and loves her life. She has more spirit and will to live than any dog i have ever met. She may not be able to hike anymore but she walks a couple miles every single day and rolls in the grass like it is the best thing the world has to offer. And she can still go to the beach and she sucks up to any human she meets and they all love her because her smile is infectious and they always comment on her curly coat. I am so proud of my little Berner girl! Hudson is small but she is mighty. She also wishes her brother Yukon a happy 11th birthday, yay they made it!! and while I can't be too greedy, I know how lucky I am already, I hope she has many more good days and memories to come! I love my girl! My debt is worth it!

Here are two recent videos

Danielle Gershberg Santa Monica, CA
with Hudson Heidi, 11, Ramona Star (Berner age 4) and Xander Frederic (part saluki, part human, almost 4)

Hudson Heidi 11 yrs old!

Hudson Chilling in the fountain

Hudson Photobomb

With her siblings at UCLA

Waiting for a bite of turkey burger or French fries

Hudson June 2013

July 15th 2013

Fun hike, Hudson on the L, July 27th

Hudson Body Surfing August 2013

Hudson and her Family, September 2013

She is a good big sister!

January 15th 2014 - Prayers needed for Hudson

Recently diagnosed with malignant cancer in her lungs

17th January 2014 - Hudson at the Beach today






My Little Angel Hudson
4/23/02 - 2/1/14

For Hudson's story
<click here>

Hudson's New Sister!

Dexter Morgan

In Loving Memory of
Hudson's brother

Kristin O'Neill's

(Good Harth Fichter Bruno)
April 23rd 2002 to
July 9th 2013
B-G ID=22578

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