Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Brighteye Wind Talker

September 8th 2001 to May 29th 2014

Owned, loved and now so sadly missed by Cookie Silvestri

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Winnie August 2012

Happy 11th Birthday Winnie. still doing so very well!

These two pics also taken this year!

Winnie celebrated her 10th birthday on September 8th. She was placed with me to keep her grandmother, Patty, company.

She is just the nicest dog anyone could hope to have. She greets everyone with her 3 foot monkey stick toy (barely fits througha doorway). She has no idea what a 'bad mood' is since she's never been in one. I hope we will celebrate many more birthdays together.

Thanks to Deb and Glenn Hotze for Winnie - I am very lucky to have her.


Winnie, LongShots 2008

In Loving Memory of

(Brighteye Patagonia)
December 3rd 1995 to

August 5th '08
aged 12 yrs 8 mths
B-G Dog ID = 15066

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