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Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Oberland's Wynsome Sascha

March 31st 1999 to July 5th 2013

Owned, loved and so sadly missed by Rick, Diane and Vanessa Johnson

Sascha and her beautiful smile, June 27th 2013

Today we had to say goodbye to our much loved Sascha. Our hearts have ached all day, tears are flowing. At dinner tonight, there was a large space on the floor that used to be taken up by Sascha. We have another wonderful Berner girl, Mischa, who has yet to realize that Sascha is gone. We don’t know where Sascha is but hope she is running free as the wind, perhaps on a Pacific island where she was raised or in a field of daisys near our home. We will miss her forever! Sascha was with us 14 years and 3 months; she was our first dog much less our first Berner.

What an incredible girl she was! She taught us what owning a dog was all about!

Sascha and Pansies, July 2nd 2013

Still smelling the roses at 14 +

Happy 13th Birthday, Sascha!

Happy 14th Birthday Sascha!

The day was celebrated with a walk, her favourite hamburger and some carrot cake.
Oh….and many, many hugs! .

In Loving Memory of
Sascha's littermate

Maria Cabrelli's

(Oberland's Wispa d'Vallaverde)
March 31st 1999 to

June 29th 2012
B-G ID=64017

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