Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Antey's Sir Scott

July 21st 2002 to May 29th 2015

Owned and so much loved by Pat Tackett

Samson 7/21/12 TEN YEARS OLD!!!
Happy birthday, Samson, love you with ALL my heart!!!

Samson chilling on patio this blustery spring morning,
Samson is 11 yr 8 months come April 21st!

Happy 12th birthday

Yes, we do get snow in Texas!
Samson is 12.5 and doing well in his old age!

May 25th 2015 - Samson out in the wet grass this morning, probably the last ones I'll take of him. how I wish I had camera with zoom lens.

We came so close to reaching 13 but I am not complaining -- 12 yrs, 10 months, 8 days of unconditional love, love that helped me through grief of losing two dogs in same year. My precious couch potato that loved to take 'walk abouts' my sweet boy went to sleep @10 a.m.I have bought a yellow climbing rose to put in raised bed I'll be making over weekend across from back door so that I can see it anytime I look out into yard. I foolishly thought I had no more tears but I was wrong still cried like a baby as I kissed his sweet head, stroked him those last few minutes and talked memories with the vet tech as we waited for Dr. Shurtleff. 12 yrs, 10 months, 8 days young -- never expected to have him with me so long, highlight with Samson was trip to Gettysburg and being in Veteran Sweeps we didn't ribbon but such a joy trotting around the ring my BARC rehome boy, everyone that met him fell in love with him.

Pat T. (BMDs since 1986)
Samson (BGF #22119) Ryder (BGF #45081)

1st November 2006 right after I got him

Head shot taken by my friend at LSBMDC meeting November 2014

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