Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Bernahof Swiss Kiss

February 1st 1999 to March 29th 2010

Loved, owned and now so very sadly missed by Jo Peters

Bernalese - New Zealand

"Today we said a heartbreaking farewell to our beautiful boy Sultan (BIS NZ CH Bernahof Swiss Kiss) Sultan was an amazing dog in so many ways, he had a heart as big as himself and it was that heart that finally laid him to rest.

I don't want to dwell on this but want to remember Sultan as he was. A wonderful family companion, a beautifully natured boy who not only had a talent for making us all laugh with his funny little ways but as a show dog, he was a real head turner. I will never forget the day he stole many hearts by winning Best in Show at Cambridge, it was an experience that I will never forget and one that will unlikely be repeated. He was on fire that day and I have never seen him so animated in the show ring, tail wagging. a huge grin on his face and me as per usual struggling to keep up with his amazing stride! But for all his talents as an amazing show dog, it is his wonderful easy going nature that I will remember him by the most. He was so calm in all situations, testosterone filled males would not bother him, bitches in season would not ruffle his feathers, I could lead him amongst other dogs at a show and know full well that he would not take one bit of notice. And how many intact males would not feel threatened by another intact male staying at home every now and then? Sultan has passed on these wonderful traits to his children, the same easy going laid back nature, the wicked sense of humour and huge capacity to love one and all.

So farewell beautiful boy, you are one in a million and we here at Bernalese feel so privileged to have had you in our hearts and home for 11 wonderful years. You maybe gone but never forgotten.

There is a poem with the line - 'The one best place to bury a dog? - is in the heart of its master'

That is where you will always be our Solly boy .....

Sultan (1 Feb 1999 to 29 March 2010) Cause of Death - Cardio Myopathy

Jo & the bernalese babies - NZ

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