Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Swisskiss Brownies a la Mode

May 5th 2000 to April 5th 2014

Owned and loved by Geneviève Beninger and family

Bred by Madeline Knowles

Poutine has a very special story. When she was still a goofy 2-year-old pup and I was still married to my ex, she saved our baby daughter. The baby had wandered off down a steep mountain road, with a drop-off into boulders and blackberry bushes on one side, and big dump trucks roaring around the bend to a construction site up the road. Three times, Poutine ran to get my husband in the house, skidding to a halt in front of him and giving him an urgent look, before running back outside. After not being able to find the baby in the house, he finally followed the dog, and waaay down the steep road he saw Poutine catch up to our daughter, who was toddling full-tilt downhill towards a nasty bend. He saw Poutine catch up to the baby, nudge her down onto her bum with her nose, and then tear back up the hill towards the house. All that time Poutine had been stopping the baby, running back for help, stopping the baby, running back... So me, already suffering from baby-separation at my new job, I get this call "D'you want the good news or the bad news? Good news is your dog isn't such a goofball, bad news is... I am."

Poutine has always had the most wonderful spirit, watching out for us and loving each of us unconditionally. Friendly and patient with countless children "can I pet your dog?", but placing herself squarely between any threatening figure and her family. Through divorce, new babies, new jobs, new everything... she has always been constant in her devotion to us and we can't even express how much it means to us that she is still here.

Poutine and Levi

Poutine and Statia

Happy 13th Birthday, Poutine

For Poutine's littermate

Patricia McClintick's

(Swisskiss Make Mine Macadamia)
Born May 5th 2000

B-G ID=26223

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