Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Diesel's Jaguar Jesse

April 8th 1997 to May 20th 2010

Fostered and much loved by Coral and David Denis

"This beautiful twelve year old girl has been allowed to come and live with us. Her owner has had some terrible things occur in her life and was absolutely unable to keep Jesse with her at this time. We have taken Jesse to see Dr. Smith, some of you met her at Berner U this year, and with her guidance we hope that Jesse will be around for a long time yet. She has arthritis in her legs which is quite bothersome for her. However, she does not miss a meal or a treat and likes to bark at me. Maybe one day Jesse can be re-united with her owner but until then we will love and look after this sweet, sweet Berner girl."


Beautiful 12 year old Jesse, enjoying herself.

This weekend at the Canadian Specialty in the Parade of Veterans we had a very joyful and tearful event. Diesel's Jaguar Jesse (BG 66545) who turns thirteen today, sat like a queen in a cart being pulled by two other veterans. Both of these veterans from Double Dutch kennels, Paschen (BG 64144) born in 2000 and Chute (BG 35336) born in 1998. Making it extra special was that the breeder of Jessie, Joyce Bodner, and the owner of the stud dog, Madeline Knowles, were both present.

Happy 13th Birthday, Jesse!

Jesse has been staying with us since last June,

She has wonderful hearing, never misses a meal or a treat, is very vocal, and her tail just never stops wagging.

Here's to you, you wonderful girl Jesse

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