Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Kaibab's Aspen Green

July 13th 2000 to April 29th 2013

Owned, loved and now so very sadly missed by Patrick, Tiffany and the Green family
Bred by Mary-Ann Bowman

Happy 10th Birthday Aspen!

Happy 12 yrs Aspen!

Aspen is doing wonderfully! Her vet checks continue to go well and she's as loving as ever.
We are so blessed by her every day.

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Aspen enjoying her birthday biscuits

Happy Easter March 31st 2013

In Loving Memory of Aspen

This is a video about the life of our first girl, Aspen Green Beauty Queen, and the journey she led us on these past 12 years 9.5 months. Aspen is a Bernese Mountain Dog, born on July 13, 2000. She blessed us every one of her days. She welcomed a little sister and then a little brother into this world and her human dad and I watched the 3 of them grow up together. Aspen's liver failed her in the end and she died two days ago on April 29th, 2013. My heart is shattered but I am comforted by all the love that surrounded Aspen and our family her whole furry life. xoxo


In Loving Memory of
Aspen's littermate, sadly also now a Veteran Angel

Mary-Ann Bowman's

(Kaibab's Anasazi Corn Moon)
July 13th 2000

January 15th 2012
aged 11 yrs 6 mths

B-G ID=35328

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