Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sunny, Sim and Barney

A Funeral and a Celebration of Life

2nd October 2003

Birthday Berner Princess Sunny.
Birthday Berner Princess Sunny is 9 years old today!

Today was a day of mixed emotions.

We celebrated Sunny's Birthday and also held a funeral for foster brother, Ken, who had been such a big part of our lives here at Longlease.

Collecting wee Sunny.

Collecting wee Sunny, December 1994

The funeral was a very simple one with family and friends and we came back here to Longlease to celebrate Ken's life. His ashes will be scattered under the apple tree where Sam, Tinka, Perry and Pru are buried. It was Ken's last request.

He would also have wanted us to remember him in a happy way and give Sunny a great 9th Birthday Party!

Big Chief Berner Barney!

Big Chief Berner Barney lightens the mood!

King Berner Simbo

King Berner Simbo

Birthday Bernese

Ken would have wanted us to be cheerful!

Birthday Bernese

Ken loved a good party!


June 13th 1935 - 24th September 2003

Collecting Simmy.

Collecting Wee Simmy, October 1999

Sim had to be rescued by Rosie as he was keen to follow Ken and Sunny to the car and we still had a few things to sort out before we took him home!

Remembering Ken from happier times.

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