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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Sit, Wait, OK, continued!

Happy Holiday, August 25th 2002

Young friend, James, came to visit today and was well pleased that Barney, adoptee, has now learnt the Sit, Wait, OK, commands for food and treats, 'cause he has always enjoyed this with Sunny and Sim since they and he were small babes!

James and the BMD's

James with treats in hand has given the command! SIT!

James and Good Berners

James has given them the WAIT command and placed treats on the ground in front of their noses! Then, OK!
Yeh, Barney! You know this one now too!

James and my dogs!

I don't have kids and am pretty isolated here (most 'specially last year when we were in quarantine for eight months or so because of F&M disease) but have always tried with my Pups and upwards growing that they get socialised well! Young James has done great stuff here helping me with this! He and his young friends have come here to visit a lot. He knows and loves my dogs and treats them well They adore him!

James and Berner Big Boy Barney!

James plays with 4 yr old new adoptee, Barney.
Chew the stick! Simmy says "Can I join in?"

Barney, Bernese, and stick!

"No Way, Simbo! This stick is mine!"

You can have my fluffy toys, I'm into grown-up stuff!

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