Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Happy 2002!

Bernese Mountain Dogs Love to Party!

Bernese Mountain Dogs love parties!

Oh, says Simmy, Jazz has come to party too!
Haven't seen her since February and the beginning of F&M!
Sunny, (head in my lap) says, Oh No, Gonna be one of those nights!

Meeting take 2

Oh, no Jazz! You've gone shy too! No need to sit on Mar's lap, I won't bite you!

Party tricks?

Oh, what a lot of people, and Ross is doing a party trick!
Look here, my hand is empty!
Magic biscuit appears next?

{short description of image}

Must be almost midnight the TV just went on!

Midnight explosion!

Mary brought the Midnight Rocket that was set up in the garden!
Went off bang on time!

Welsh Sheep Dogs don't like Bangs!

I don't like bangs! That's why I didn't come to the Bonfire Night Party!

Xenia had fun!

Well, Xenia had fun!

Titus, Me and my Berners

We have had a great New Year!

Hope you did too! Happy 2002!

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