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Puppy Mills and Oprah Winfrey Show

And How You Can Help!

Subject: Oprah Show

Dear Oprah,

There are many who know more about Puppy Mills than I. You will be hearing from these wonderful people who make it their life work to protect dogs from this most horrible fate.

One of these people is AMY KESSLER. She saved my Duffy from spending the rest of his life in hell. Instead his name is (of course, he would not have one today if he was not saved) Fluffy Duffy Fleming and he lives right here in Chicago. He is a magnificent creature- one who came from Butapest, then to Oregon, then to Missouri acquiring more insecurity from every stop,on to be sold at auction to be mass reproduced by millers in hopes for "better" markings.

Duffy is the most beautiful Berner I have ever seen (Yup, I'm his Mama, but really...) and only has slightly off markings up his front legs. Makes me so upset I sit here in tears trying to write this because I know he would have lived in a rotten cage with I don't know how many other dogs barely fed and kept alive only if he didn't get sick - if so he would likely die as it is too costly to help a sick dog in these mills. Instead he came to me and has a life filled with love and kisses, belly rubs and frollics with his 6 mo. aniversary gift - his brother Chase Manhattan, a Great Pyreneese.

I'm sorry my letter is not well formed, I tried to write to you a few times and had to stop - I'm going to keep going this time because others like Duffy deserve your help. When I got him, he needed a lot of help, but he tried harder than I did to get up to speed - had never seen a toy or stairs at 9 mo and 75 lbs. The training was very important as he is a family dog and huge. We would work and work on a host of problems and at the end of the day (in February,,,) we would lay down outside and look at the stars together for a long while knowing our commitment was strong enough to make things work out.

We did it!!! Duffy will be 3 yrs old in May and is an outstanding dog who never deserved to be in any trouble in need of saving- NO dog deserves to become a puppy mill dog. Duffy is a true blue sweet dog who knows very well where he came from and will never forget, and that was only 9 months of his life. The rest has and will be the best we can give him!

It kills me to think of where he would have been and it tears me apart to know there are any dogs in these places. We can cry about this - and do. We can work hard to help transport these wonderful rescue babies to their new homes - and have. We can hold fundraisers and contribute items and our money to help- we ALL are trying so hard to help in these easy ways, but it is the education which is so hard! This is why we need your help.

Please! Please produce a show about these mills. This must stop, and we don't have the reach like you do to make people aware of how to get a Puppy without contributing to this horror of which so many are unaware.

Gotta go, Keyboard needs a wipe down!!! Enclosed is a picture of my Fluffy Duffy & his gift Chase.

Thank you for listening.

Carolyn Fleming in Chicago with my two fur babies

Carolyn (and Tom) Fleming
Chicago, Illinois, USA

BARC's Fluffy Duffy Fleming - Bernese Mountain Dog
Chase Manhattan - Great Pyrenees

BARC Berner Duffy

Send your mails on this to:
cwbaker@catskill.net or to wp.wijnberg@quicknet.nl

Your letters will be personally presented to Oprah!

Happy Berner!

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