Puppy Mills and Oprah Winfrey Show

And How You Can Help!


Dear Oprah,

You have made such a difference in our human lives over the years, that I thought you might be able to help a few people make a huge difference in the lives of dogs (and cats).

I'm sure you'll get a lot of emails and letters describing in graphic detail how horrible the mills are, so I'll get to the "solution phase" and how you could help. You have a powerful voice in this country ! People listen to you. What's needed here is to educate the general public that buying a puppy (or kitten) from a pet store is not the right way to go about getting a dog.

They need to learn how to research breeds (easily done from the AKC website) to see what (and IF a puppy) would fit into their current lifestyle. This issue is more about education than anything else. If people just knew where their puppies came from, I believe the vast majority wouldn't buy from pet stores. The kids who work in these stores are told the puppies come from reputable breeders. That's garbage ! Not a single breeder I know of would EVER sell a puppy through a store. Their prospective puppy owners are screened carefully to make sure they will be a good home. Also to make sure they want the puppy for the right reasons and have the capacity to care for the pup. The puppy owners also have advantages because they have a resource for advice, etc. from the person who knows the heritage of the dog best!

Is it more difficult to get a puppy through this route ?? You bet it is ! And that's the whole point. It's NOT a spur of the moment decision, it has been thought out, you've been questioned about your motives, and sometimes maybe discouraged because the "inquisition" has been brought down on you ! But, by the time all this takes place, you're bloody SURE you're ready for the responsibilty of raising a dog ! Any idiot can run into a pet store, whip out a credit card and take a puppy home. "Oh, how CUTE !"

"Oh no ! It peed on the floor ! It's chewing the furniture !! How do you make it stop ?? It's sick, get it out of here !!

What were you thinking buying a dog ??? " and on and on ............ But the first words are ALWAYS "How CUTE".

It's amazing how many people have no idea the amount of work a puppy is. I've always equated raising a puppy to raising a two year old human. If you wouldn't leave the human alone, don't leave the puppy alone !

There is no way to reach every person and have them listen, but if we could just get the majority on board here, it would make a HUGE difference in the lives of countless dogs, cats AND humans. Less misery for all is what I'm after. Some people really just don't know, and when that cute puppy gets sick and dies on them, they're heartbroken. But they know better after that.

Anyway, it would be greatly appreciated if you would be kind enough to give this subject a lot of attention !! Maybe together we can make a difference !!

We can teach people how to find a reputable breeder, and go into puppy owning with their eyes wide open !!

Thanks for your time,

Laurie Montoya
Waynesboro, PA

Send your mails on this to:
cwbaker@catskill.net or to wp.wijnberg@quicknet.nl

Your letters will be personally presented to Oprah!

Happy Berner!

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