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Puppy Mills and Oprah Winfrey Show

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Subject: Copy of my letter re: puppy mills

Put your arms around your own sweet dog and cuddle her into your body. Now close your eyes and imagine the worst of all possible cases for this beloved companion and faithful friend. Picture her in a wire cage with scarcely enough room to stand up let alone stretch out or run. Imagine your sweet puppy never ever putting her paws on grass - just the harsh wire of her cage. Instead of the wonderful food you give her, she will get whatever is cheap and on hand - if anything at all.

Each and every time she comes into season, she will be bred with whatever male happens to be available - father, brother - genetics are not a consideration, only the revenue produced by the puppies to come. There is no vet care for your pregnant girl - only that same old small wire crate and the same old hit or miss food.

The puppies arrive and are kept with their momma until the earliest possible time when they can legally (or not) be sold to a pet store - or at auction. They have received little or no vet care and they have never been allowed to play in the yard. If their mom or dad are getting a WAY too old to breed anymore (trust me, that would have to be really really old to matter to the puppy mill owner), one or two of the babies may be kept as replacement puppy factories.

Now, hold your sweet girl a bit closer and imagine that just as soon as she comes into season again, she will be bred to produce another litter of puppies and this nightmare will repeat itself over and over and over again, until she or cannot produce another litter. Her reward for being such a great little income producer? Euthanasia - maybe humane, maybe not. In all probability, your sweet dog will never have a vaccination, chase a ball, enjoy a dog cookie, get medical attention for bad teeth, broken bones, infection or anything else. She will never know a kind touch let along love.

Now let's consider her puppies. They go to a pet store - maybe the one at the mall. People gather around and delight at the adorable little babies frolicking in the shredded newspaper. The incessant tapping on the Plexiglas of each little cage inside the store - hoping to wake one of the babies sleeping in the shredded paper covered wire cage. That little tiny one in the back has goop coming from his little eyes and nose and he has a cough. The pet store employees (mostly teenagers) explain that this is just normal for young puppies - nothing to worry about. One of the puppies has had diarrhea - also explained as "normal" for babies....it will pass. Anyone who has a charge card can purchase one of these puppies - "Wouldn't little Betsy (age 2) love to have one of these to grow up along side her? She can dress it and squeeze it and pull it's tail and we don't have to worry about the safety of the puppy at all." You can imagine what will happen when that little puppy bites Betsy because unsupervised Betsy has tortured the puppy.... Getting turned over to an animal shelter is the best that can happen, more often the little guy will be sold through the newspaper to some unsuspecting person with a small child, or turned outside to fend for himself, or beaten and kicked to 'teach it a lesson' or worse....

Some of the remaining puppies are getting a bit too big to be adorable in the pet store window - that Bassett puppy can no longer stand up in the display crate - his cough is worse, but pet store will put him 'on sale' and get him moved out of the store ASAP, unless he dies first from the totally preventable respiratory infection.

We won't even go near the subjects of trying to housebreak puppies who have never even set foot on grass - and have no concept that toileting in their sleeping environment is not normal. We can imagine the physical and mental horrors of brother/sister breedings - horribly crooked legs, heart and kidney issues, displastic joints, failing eyesight, aggression and this list goes on to infinity.

Now open your eyes and look at your own little bundle of love that looks to you for everything. How lucky you both are that your purchased your dog from a reputable breeder or adopted her from the shelter. How wonderful if every dog could have the life that your dog has.

Please help stop the cruelty. Expose puppy mills for the heartless, cruel, money-hungry monsters they are. Please help open the eyes of America to this madness so people can make informed decisions about the purchase of their next dog. Please help put a stop to the total disregard for animals perpetrated by puppy mill owners and the pet shops who keep them in business.

Thank you for your attention to this issue. I know that together we can make a difference on this one!

Sherri Mangin

Send your mails on this to:
cwbaker@catskill.net or to wp.wijnberg@quicknet.nl

Your letters will be personally presented to Oprah!

Happy Berner!

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