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Puppy Mills and Oprah Winfrey Show

And How You Can Help!


I hope every single one of us writes a letter to Oprah. Here is mine:

Dear Oprah,

My name is Karen Connors. I come to you pleading with all my heart to PLEASE help educate the public on the matter of puppy mills and dog actions. They are taking place right here in our beloved country. And, around the world for that matter.

There are ruthless people who keep pure bred dogs and puppies under deplorable and inhumane conditions. We have cruelty to animal laws in our country, I can NOT understand WHY these puppy mills and auctions are allowed to continue. I personally know people who have attended these dog auctions for the soul purpose of buying, to rescue, our beloved breed from these ghastly conditions. These poor precious dogs and innocent puppies are kept in very small cages. Those cages are made of wire and are stacked one on top of each other. When they defecate or urinate, the dogs below suffer....!

Sometimes a puppy miller will keep as many as 200 till 300 dogs and puppies in horrible conditions. These animals are not socialized, loved or given decent food. They are frightened to death as there is no one around that cares about them, and they know it!

These puppy millers ONLY have these poor innocent dogs for the soul reason of making money. They do NOT CARE ONE BIT about their health or social well being. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Dear Oprah, will you PLEASE present this subject on one of your shows and let people know that buying a dog or puppy from a pet store is only promoting this despicable cruelty!! There is not one caring, loving breeder of any breed of dog that would sell their puppies to a pet store for retail. The puppy mills is where these pet stores get their puppies. Most people do not know, when they see these adorable puppies in the window, what the cruel and deplorable conditions these puppies parents come from! :"( So, it is for this reason I deplore your help in getting word to the public so they will know exactly what's going on here.

Obviously and sadly, our laws are allowing this to go on. We have to educate the public in order to FIGHT for our beloved, precious and innocent puppies and dogs!!

I pray you will be on board, Oprah.

Thank you so kindly,

Karen, Angel & Amika
Puyallup, Washington

Send your mails on this to:
cwbaker@catskill.net or to wp.wijnberg@quicknet.nl

Your letters will be personally presented to Oprah!

Happy Berner!

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