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Puppy Mills and Oprah Winfrey Show

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A TRUE STORY OF THE CRUELTY OF PUPPY MILLERS AND PET SHOP OWNERS ==================================================================

An couple of weeks ago I visit my vet with our 17 years old kitty for her yearly checkup.

When I enter the waiting room by the vet there whose also a 9 year old boy and his parents and his Granny.

The boy keep on his lap a blanket and in the blanket lay an Golden Retriever puppy from about 8 weeks old, the puppy look very sick to my it dith not move at all ,the boy whose constantly pet the puppy and tears where rolling from his eyes.

Then the vet ask them to follow him to an other room ,the boy and his parents follow the vet but Granny stay in the waiting room .

I ask the old Lady what is wrong with the puppy ,then she told my the following story;

The boy her 9 year old grandson whose already asking his parents for more then a year for an Golden puppy,his parents who will learn the boy the value of money told him that he must try to safe his pocket money and urn money with all kinds of little job's ,and his parents promised him that they will pay half the price of a puppy as a birthday present ,so the boy start with bringing the news paper daily in the neber hood where he live and do all kind of little job's like grass cutting and so on.

For more then a year the little boy can only talk about his puppy what will come. Then the big day whose there he had safe half the price of an Golden puppy and his parents keep there promise to him to pay the other half and they bought an Golden puppy in a pet shop ,three day's later the puppy become ill heavy diaries and no interest in anything it only lay down and hardly cannot stay on his paws, that whose yesterday so they where now by to vet to ask him what whose wrong.

I ask the old Lady what they have paid for the puppy and if there whose a pedigree from the puppy, the old Lady told my that the price they have paid whose Euro 700.-{in American dollar about 900} no there whose no pedigree by the puppy because the pet shop owner told them if they like to have an pedigree it will cost Euro 300.- more.

I told the old Lady that I whose afraid that the puppy hade Parvo and that there whose a big change that the puppy will die.

Then it whose my turn to go with the vet I ask him if the puppy hade Parvo and the answere whose yes and to safe the puppy whose only 20 % he also told my that this whose already the 5th puppy from that litter ,the pet shop owner hade bought the whole litter from the backyard breeder and he know that the puppy's where invected with Parvo but still he sell them. The vet hade already taken stapes and told the people from Animal protecting what whose going on by that pet shop, and that buyers who hade ask for guarantee for health get the answer yes you have guarantee till the pet shop door because we cannot give guarantee on live animals because I do not know how you will take care of the puppy.

This story whose for my the resen to start together with my friends Chris and Herb Baker and Jean Cheesman an action against puppy millers ,backyard breeders and pet shop owners.

We will get as many as possible letters to Oprah Winfrey and ask her to do an show about this item to warn the millions of people who do not know about how those criminals go to work. The puppy millers are very cruel people who keep there dog's in very small cages with a bottom from wire-netting what will make terrible wounds on the dog paws and put one on each other ,so that when the when the dog from the abuf cage do pie or poop it will fool on the understanding dog the cages never clean up the dogs get the cheapest food, they are kept in dark barns so that the out site world cannot see what is going on those dogs never see the sunlight they never feel the green grass under the paws when ill they do not get medical care some times a puppy miller keep 200 till 300 dogs

The only thing a puppy miller is thinking on is to urn as much as possible money against the lowest cost price. My friends the Bakers have the right connection to get the letters to Oprah her self, Oprah is also a great dog lover and I think she also do not know about the cruel circumstance ouwer 4 legged friends must live by those criminals.

When I read the post you send to the Berner lists you all came over as real dog lovers but now you have the chance to proof that you are a real dog lover and show it to the world ,when you read this you are sitting already behind your computer so take a few minits of your time and write that letter to Oprah and send it to Herb baker his email address is cwbaker@catskill.net or to my wp.wijnberg@quicknet.nl We need as much as possible letters, if you like to know more about puppy millers go to the website www.barcinc.net but I warn you if you read there the story's and look to the photo's taken with an hidden camera you will by sick in your stomach ,SO PLEASE DO YOUR DUTY AS A DOG LOVER AND HELP THOSE THOUSENDS OF DOGS WHO MUST LIVE THERE LIFE TIME IN PRISSON UNDER CRUELTY CIRCUMSTANCE,IF YOU IGNORE THIS CALL FOR HELP THEN YOU HELP THE PUPPY MILLERS TO GO ON WITH THEIR CRUEL CRIMINAL WORK,


Willem Wijnberg


Send your mails on this to:
cwbaker@catskill.net or to wp.wijnberg@quicknet.nl

Your letters will be personally presented to Oprah!

Happy Berner!

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