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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs - Articles and Information.

Puppy Mills and Oprah Winfrey Show

And How You Can Help!

"As some of you already know, at the suggestion of Willem Wijnberg & a few others; Herb & I are collecting letters and information about the puppy mills (& pet store) problem. We have a connection who can pass on these letters & info to, among others, Oprah Winfrey---personally. The hope is to get her, and possibly other programs of this type; to do a show, possibly several programs; enlightening the public on the subject.

We would like as many letters, expressing dog owners feelings on this subject, as possible, of course. You need not be an "expert", just someone aware of this deplorable practise, who is willing to say so. (feel free to pass on personal experiences). We have received a lot of letters from folks all over Europe, and Australia; but, could use some more from us---the good old USA dog-lovers.

There are a lot of well-known folks on board, such as Berndt Guenter, and the Gandolfini's, as well as some others, in show business. (BARC has been great, as an organization, providing info) But, we'd like to send a good many more letters from average, dog loving folks. So, now that we've celebrated our beloved breed & seen the truly lucky, among them; lets take a minute to think of those in much, much worse conditions. If you can write a letter, trying to help them out, I'm pretty sure the "Dog Gods" will smile on you!!

Send those letters right to us & we'll keep you posted on our progress."

Chris Baker

<E-mail Chris>

If you wish to write instead of e-mail, we are at
Chris and Herb Baker
416 Shelly Rd.
Laurens, NY 13796

For some of the many letters to Oprah received already:

Thank You All

And keep those letters coming in!

<E-mail Chris>
with your letter to Oprah

For more info on puppy mills
<Click here> for the BARC Website

Happy Berner!

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