Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

In Loving Memory of

Berner "Rock-It"

Nov. 2005- Feb. 1st 2006

Rock-It was born in late November 2005. He belonged to my parents. My Mom and Dad had always wanted a Berner. Finally they made the decision to get one. They found this beautiful puppy and after many deliberations with the entire family. We all decided upon "Rock-It" His story is a sad one for everyone involved. January 19th eager to receive him, my parents drove to Salt Lake City Utah to pick him up from the airport. Instantly they bonded. He was gorgeous, yet small. He had the sweetest eyes you have ever seen.

Upon arriving home they noticed he just wouldn't stop shivering and wouldn't eat. Then, the next day they took him to our vet. He gave them many antidotes for a pup that would not eat. Two days later he ended up having to stay with our vet because something just wasn't right. Our poor vet was just baffled at why Rock-It wouldn't eat. He under went several tests for beaver-fever, and other numerous things. All came back negative. His health was going down fast. He spent nearly the entire two weeks he lived with us in the care of our wonderful vet.

FInally on Feb. 1st 2006 when we took him in for check-up We had just gotten home from droppimg him off. We had a unsettling feeling that this would be last time we saw our precious berner boy. Then, the phone rang and our stomachs churned, it was our vet he said that Rock-It had passed. He asked permission to do an autopsy. We all wanted to know what made him so sick. He found a twisted intestine. Nearly the entire thing had died. This was killing him from the time he left his breeder home to ours. Our vet felt terrible. We all truly tried everything imaginable. But, nothing worked. Rock-It did not die in vain, because nearly two weeks after his passing our vet called us. He said your puppy and his symptoms helped me save a boxer pup. He knew what to look for this time. So, just knowing that this tragedy we suffered and the great pain of loss helped another family not have to go through the same thing. Because of Rock-It

We now raise Bernese Mountain Dogs and in his memory we have offered a local scholarship to graduating seniors with the interest in veterinary medicine. His beautiful eyes touched the soul and he was a fighter. We loved him very much. So to our first Berner Puppy that left our hearts so full we deliver this memorial to you...

"We love you Rock-It"

Nov. 2005- Feb. 1,2006
Sincerely, The Morgan Family
"Captain Jacks Berners"

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