In Loving Memory of


Neff's Benjamin ~ "Ben" or "Bennie" or "Bennie Boo" or just "Boo"

September 25, 1995 to September 19, 2007


Ben was Bill's constant companion and will be sorely missed by both Bill and me. He was a German Shorthair Pointer and had a huge vocabulary. He understood so many things that you would say to him. Ben was a vocal dog and every morning, he would make long drawn-out sounds like he was telling us to let him go outside and then to fix his breakfast. He was so smart and could figure things out that most dog couldn't. Bill could take him outside with him without a leash and he would stay close and listen to Bill. They were truly a "team." Nicky is going to really miss his buddy, too. Ben trained both Nicky and Winston in so many ways. Ben became the alpha dog in our house after we lost Samantha in 2003. We mourn the loss of Ben, but we also celebrate his life and the wonderful times we had together. I've lit a candle for Ben this evening and know that tonight there will be a bright new star shining in the sky.

Love, Joye and Bill and Nicky

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