Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

In Loving Memory of


March 5th 1981 - Feb 24th 1995

Adopted and Owned by Jean Cheesman


Tinka came to live with me aged 8 yrs and I never did get the copy of her pedigree!

She had spent six months in quarantine, a long story but she originally belonged to a young boy brought up in
Germany, when his mother died he came back to England to live with his father and Tinks came too.

But he was off to boarding school, Dad was working in films so was away abroad most of the time, Tinks came to live with me and he saw her in the school holidays!

When we moved to Hereford from London, she came with us and lived out her very full and active life with
never a problem until that final week

She was my introduction to the Bernese Mountain Dog and why I fell in love with the breed!


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