In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog

Baker's Heidi

July 4th, 1991---March 5th, 2003

"A True Manhatten Lady"
Beloved Family Member to Sandy Lakritz

Bernese Mountain Dog, Heidi
Heidi in NYC with her stretch limo.

Bernese Mountain Dog, Heidi
Heidi picnics, Nice.

Heidi's litter, the second born to our beloved Troy, was born on the Fourth of July, almost 12 years ago. Herb & I still have Mikki, Heidis sister. Heidi was sold to a true dog-lover and Manhattenite, Sandy Lakritz. Heidi was a true lady, always well-mannered and available for petting by her adoring public. Heidi proved to be an incredible ambassador for Berners; we've received countless inquiries from her fans, all wanting "a dog just like Heidi". As you can see, on our web-site, Heidi literally went everywhere one can in Manhatten; often getting into places where "normal" dogs are forbidden. Sandy & Heidi were fixtures in the Big Apple and totally inseparable; totally devoted to one another. Heidi lived a very full and active life, always healthy, vibrant and happy to meet people of all kinds. The City will be a colder place without her presence. Heidi passed away, quietly, in her sleep; of old age; after a full day and a full meal. We are thankful that she was not sick and did not suffer; though we miss her terribly.

Our profound condolences to Sandy and our thanks for doing such a spectacular job, caring for Heidi.

Chris & Herb Baker

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